Karma Full Moon

We’ll hopefully have time to map this out more carefully, but I wanted to be sure we at least covered the basics…

  • The Full Moon Conjoins asteroid Karma – all of our Archetypes and Self-Sabotaging Patterns will be Lit Up for the next several weeks.
  • The Full Moon Sun Conjoins asteroid Moira – giving us the Opportunity to Choose Otherwise than our traditional Reactions to the stimuli that trigger those Archetypes.  Most of us were raised to Believe that our Karma was not our Choice.  At one time that may have been the case, but From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?
  • From This Moment On, Continuing to Let Your Karma Run Your Life IS Your Choice.  Deny it all you want; all you’re doing is Choosing Suffering.  Good Habit to Break, eh?  If you aren’t sure what this means, just Intend Otherwise.
  • The Full Moon Squares dwarf planet Nessus (which is Strengthening as it slows for a 9 June Station) – Can’t find the quote so I’ll paraphrase; Michael Pollan says in How to Change Your Mind that one of the “flight instructions” for a typical LSD or Psilocybin therapy session is “If you encounter something scary, plant your feet, look it in the Eye if it has one, and ask, ‘What have you got to teach me?’ ”  I’ve been using that on things like Physical Pain, and it immediately changes the Water.  Try it when your Abuse Memories arise, whether you recognize them as Abuse Memories or just think someone is being Unfair.
  • The Full Moon also Squares dwarf planet Orcus (which thus Opposes Nessus) – Orcus is about Making and Breaking Oaths.  All Oaths Freeze us out of the Present Moment to some degree in some circumstances.  Here we’re obviously talking about Oaths, that we made as a result of Abuse (Nessus), that became Karmic, thus Masquerading as Fate (Moira).  Be Mindful that you can Choose Otherwise.
  • Asteroid Lachesis, which is about Choosing to Cut a Self-Sabotaging Timeline Short by Choosing Otherwise, Squares the Nodes.  In other words, we can Make Choices here that Short-Circuit our Karma and instead promote our Mission.
  • The Full Moon is at 9 Degrees, and OR10 is Stationary (Exact at 7pm PDT 30 May; the Full Moon is at 7am PDT 29 May) at 5 Degrees.  Not close enough for our usual 3-Degree Sensitivity applying to Current Events, but plenty close for applying to Projects Begun Under the Influence.  By this measure OR10 joins Nessus in Squaring the Full Moon-Moira-Karma and Opposing Orcus, meaning that your Abuse Memories are likely to be In Your Face.  No matter how you’re in the Habit of Reacting or Responding to that, This Time Choose Otherwise.
  • Making this Extension of Sensitivity also puts asteroid Lachesis (Square the Nodes) Conjunct asteroid Nemesis – Ego Death.  So Choosing Otherwise might be Painful.  When you encounter Choices that seem Scary or Painful (other than Asking them What They Have to Teach You), Ask your Guides (or the Great Spirit or …) whether this is “Real” or just a Challenge to your Ego.
  • This Extension also bring the Station of Eurydike (noon PDT 27 May at 2 Libra) into the equation.  Eurydike Conjoins Atropos (Endings) and Makemake (Manifestation), Opposes Chiron, and Squares Mercury Opposite Vesta-Quaoar, meaning that we can, if we Choose to Accept it, Choose to modify our Beliefs so that they create less Pain and better support our Survival.  Remember to Poor-Sweetheart yourself if Pain arises.
  • Eurydike-Atropos-Makemake also make a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with Sun-Moira and Mars.  With Chiron, North Node (Conjunct Aletheia/Truth), and Moon-Karma, this makes a Grand Sextile (Even Greater Blessings, but we have to take Action to kick-start the process).
  • Mars, meanwhile, Conjoins newly discovered asteroid BZ509.

We’ll write about BZ509 tomorrow.


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