The Soul Speaks

We were in the middle of a dozen or so Initiations before we were interrupted by more pressing engagements.  Each Initiation represents a Change in the Water in our Aquarium, and when a bunch of them occur at once it represents a Big Change in the Zeitgeist.  So it’d be great to go back and summarize all of those Changes and how they might Relate to one another.  But astrology never stops, so it’ll be a while…

Meanwhile, on 13 May, in preparation for the New Moon at the Ides, we have a major Breakthrough in our Relationship to our Soul.  She Speaks to us, and if we Trust Her Lead, we’ll hear Her Speaking to the World, as we become less Willing to Censor Her.  If your Honesty Shocked you – or you were Shocked by the Honesty of Others – on the 13th, this is why.  It’s not even a Choice, though of course we could Choose to Embrace it; it’s an Open Portal for us to walk through; all we need to do is Surrender our Resistance.

More Initiations!  Within the last couple of weeks Uranus (Soul) has Initiated Lachesis (the Fated or Chosen Length of a Timeline), Mercury (Communication), and the Moon (Authenticity).

While the Portal is Open, our Contribution to the Change (that is, Surrendering Resistance) isn’t necessarily Easy.  We have to be Willing to Act to Support the Change without trying to Control it.  We have to be Willing to Allow the New Timeline to Change the way we Are in the World.  And we have to be Willing to Follow the Truth of our Life Force – Do what Energizes us, and Forgo what Enervates us.

The Uranus-Lachesis-Mercury-Moon Stellium (New Timeline around Authenticity of Communication) is the Focus of a T-Square (Challenge).  On the base are Klotho-Mars (Rebirth of Action) and Aletheia-Varuna (the Truth of the Life Force’s Demand for Authenticity).

There’s a second major Challenge around Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts.  This may not mean building a Bomb Shelter, going Off the Grid, or moving to Argentina, though don’t rule those out if that’s your Instinct.  In most cases though, it will mean the Opposite – Rejecting Fear, Embracing Community, and Finding Gratitude for what you’ve already been Gifted with.

This Challenge will involve developing the Habit of Empathizing with Pain and Suffering, especially your own Pain and Suffering, and Trusting that you will continue to Survive in spite of Giving Up your traditional approach to Manifestation. 

Look back over your Life to see where you’ve tended to Suffer, and where you’ve tended to be Blessed.  For example, maybe Money has been a constant Challenge for you, but Relationships have always Flowed Easily, or the other way around.  Those are actually Choices you’ve made, but you don’t recognize them as Choices because your Identity isn’t big enough to encompass the part of you that’s making the Choices.  The Door is Open for you to declare that Intention Now.

Pholus-Quaoar (Ability to Respond to our Survival Instincts) is the Focus of a second T-Square (Challenge) based on Chiron (Suffering and Poor-Sweethearting) and the Stellium of Atropos (Endings), Eurydike (Trust), and Makemake (Manifestation)…

These two Challenges Complement one another Perfectly – we become Fully Responsive to our Survival by Expressing the Truth of our Soul, and we Express the Truth of our Soul by being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts.

The foci of the two T-Squares Trine (Great Blessings) one another.

We don’t have to Struggle at this; there are many Graces fluttering about this chart and the New Moon.

For instance…

The second, Survival T-Square is a Diamond Star (Challenge made Easy by a “bowl of Grace” under the T-Square), with Fate/Choice (asteroid Moira) and Varuna-Aletheia (the Truth in our Life Force) providing the Ease.\

The first T-Square is a Diamond Star folded in half, or you could say a Diamond Star with its skirt up, as the “bowl of Grace” isn’t under the T-Square, but on top of it.  The Trine Bridges to the Authenticity T-Square are formed by Moira and Chiron (Victimhood or Self-Empathy)

Since the two T-Squares Trine one another, they form a Kite, consisting of an Air Grand Trine (Moira in Gemini, Makemake-Eurydike-Atropos in Libra, and Klotho-Mars on the Cusp of Aquarius) and a fourth Planet opposite one of the others (Varuna-Aletheia on the Cusp of Leo).

Cusps complicate matters, because while two or more Energies are Merged, they may not be Energies that are usually considered to be very Compatible.  This is actually a huge Blessing, as it wraps our Prejudices in Glowing Neon Duct-Tape. 

For instance, for the specific time we’ve Chosen for this chart (Moon Conjunct Uranus), Uranus and the Moon are in Aries (Spiritual Creativity) while Mercury and Lachesis are in Taurus (Material Stability).  Wouldn’t it be amazing and wonderful if Spiritual Creativity begat Material Stability!  Well, this chart says that…

When we Authentically Express our Soul’s Truth, then Material Stability will follow.  Sure, this is just a couple of planets passing in the night, soon to fade.  But every astrological angle is a Teaching and an Opportunity for us to Learn and make the Knowledge and Wisdom our own Permanently.  We won’t Learn the Wisdom of Authenticity in one try, but if we use every Opportunity to exercise those Muscles, we’ll soon be Making Miracles. 

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