Portal 1.5 II

We earlier referred to this 1 Aries Chiron-Juno Initiation as the Opportunity, should we choose to Accept it, to end Suffering.”  But we didn’t mention what Acceptance would look like.  Of course we won’t encounter the End of Suffering without encountering Suffering – that’s not how it works.  We’d encounter the end of Suffering by encountering Suffering and Letting it Go…

Which of course means Tapping, or Mirroring the first Antagonist you think of, or Poor-Sweethearting, or just Laughing at how Ironic the Universe is.  It’s so easy to forget that the Universe just Mirrors our internal state and fall for the Bullshit that it’s Objective.  Under our Programmed Trance, we’re not only Separate from the Universe, but we’re Its Victim.  From that Perspective, Spiritual Truths like “We Are All One” and “As Within So Without” are just campaign slogans. 

This story…



When we Pretend to be Separate from the Rest of the Universe, and particularly when we Imagine ourselves to be a Victim of the Rest of the Universe (when we Suffer, for instance), that’s about Identity as well.  Growth in Consciousness means that More of the Universe becomes part of Us.  As Rachel’s story illustrates, there are a lot of stages to go through, including many heavy Emotional states, before we can Grok how the Perp is part of Us.  But that’s how we Shake Off Suffering.

The chart of the Initiation is intriguing…Every corner is multiple, either a Conjunction or a Stellium (Three or more planets Conjoining).  The First Harmonic (Conjunction) is the Magician.  Conjunctions are about Merging, or Loss of Individual Identity, or Expanding Identity to include More…

  • What happens when Despair (Chiron) and Consciousness (Juno) are Merged?  Miracles (Chiron) and Consciousness?

We can’t forget that the first step in Growth of Consciousness is Confusion.  If we interpret Confusion to mean that we have to Figure It Out, we Lose, because all we’ll do is force ourself back into the old Concept Set that enforces the Limits of our old, narrower Consciousness, our Birdcage. 

We have to Let Confusion Be, Celebrate it.  We also may have to pass through an Ego Death as our old Identity/Consciousness/Ego tries to keep us Safe from the Unknown.  No Blame, that’s just the Ego’s job description.  Give it Gratitude. 

Ultimately our Project is to Befriend the Unconscious.  Since the Unconscious is In Charge, Resistance is not only a waste of time and effort, but also the major Source of Suffering.  Since the major impediment to doing that is Ego Death, which most of us most of the time Resist mightily, we need also to Befriend the Ego.

We can start by Appreciating it’s Efforts to keep us Safe.  “Thanks, Honey, I know you’re trying to Protect me!”  “You Poor Sweetheart, this feels like a Death to you, doesn’t it.”  “Hey, do you suppose we could work out a way for both of us to move to a Higher Level of Protection, Together?!?”  It’s been done before, we can do it again.

  • What happens when the Soul (Uranus) is Merged with Choice (Lachesis)?
  • What happens when Truth (Aletheia) and the Life Force (Varuna) Merge?
  • What happens when our Survival Instincts (Quaoar) and our Ability to Respond (Pholus) feel like One and the Same?
  • What happens when Trust (Eurydike) and Endings (Atropos) are Merged?  And what happens when that is Merged with Manifestation (Makemake)?

Each of these Conjunctions represents either an imminent Initiation itself, or a reiteration of a recent Initiation.  An Initiation means that a Cycle is restarting.  It’s like Changing the Water in your Aquarium, a Change of Timelines.  Think of it as the more Powerful (slower) planet giving the lesser one Shaktipat.

There are other Changes going on as well…

  • Unlimited Potential Initiating Boundaries (dwarf planet Chaos and Pallas)
  • Mission Initiating Sustainability (North Node and Ceres)
  • The Most Important Thing Initiating Letting Go of Codependence (Saturn and Hylonome)
  • New Beginnings Initiating Action (asteroid Klotho and Mars)
  • Fear Initiating Fate or Embracing Fear as Power Initiating Choice, depending on whether the Universe is Perp or Partner to you (Sedna and Moira)
  • Intuition Initiating Values (dwarf planet Asbolus and Venus)

That’s a whole lot of Change happening all at once, too much for me to try to keep up with.  No wonder folks are signifying that this is a Tripping Point!

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