Portal 1.5


Mayday means a lot of different things, from Pagan Rites to military parades to Maypoles to SOS to Bonfires.  This year it also means “A Woman just risen from the Sea, embraced by a Seal”…

As Chiron (Despair, Healing, Empathy) Initiates Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at 1 of Aries (10am PDT 29 April).  1 of Aries is where it all begins.  This is a Biggie, as the Opportunity, should we choose to accept it, is the end of Suffering.  We wrote about the Juno-Chiron Cycle four years ago, at the previous Initiation…


Thanks to Beautiful Hummingbird for the reminder.

Along these lines, several Channels have proclaimed this Portal to be a major Milestone – Brenda Hoffman for one…


“Today, April 29, 2018, is a day that will go down in history even though you do not know such is so at this time – for you have shifted from fear to joy. 

“You believe such is not necessarily so for you still have thoughts of, “What if this or that happens?”  Neither of which will become your reality.  Today is a full Scorpio moon, and most of you accept that a full moon means confusion, even disaster. So you wait for that which does not happen.

“So it is you are adjusting to new you, one possible 3D calamity at a time.  For you are so comfortable with fear, you cannot imagine that there is nothing left to fear…”

And “Galaxygirl”…


“The Light has won.  It is time for Humanity to be freed of misconceptions, of the pain, of the lie of Separation…”

And our old friend Daniel Scranton…


It is more challenging for you because most of you only access the past and the present, but that is enough.  It is enough to be present and to feel for the vibration of the timeline that you’re on.  You can determine for yourself whether that timeline suits you or not.  What becomes more challenging for you is when you attempt to take the temperature of humanity and determine the vibration that the rest of the collective is offering.

“It can be very challenging for some of you to believe that humanity is headed in a positive direction at all, but that is usually due to the fact that you are tuning in to what the media is emphasizing.  If you want to truly take the temperature of humanity, and access the truth of the collective’s vibration, you need to connect to Mother Earth and feel for the vibration that she is giving off.

“You can also look at the people around you and notice how they are evolving.  You can tell by how a person’s energy feels whether he or she is moving in a positive direction, and although it may be hard at times to notice, we know that you can feel for the progress in the beings that you connect with on a regular basis.  We know that you can, with a little effort, feel for the motion forward that humanity is making, and you can rest assured that this timeline you are on now is one that will lead you to a more joyous journey, and ultimately, to the fifth dimension.”

It feels like profound Changes are afoot to me as well.

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