Full Moon Blessings I

At first glance this Full Moon (6pm PDT 29 April) looks like a mess…

But it’s actually full of Blessings.  Let us count the ways…

The Full Moon itself illuminates our Mission, just as we’re in the process of opening up to Easily Learning (without irksome “Learning Opportunities”) new ways to Sustain our Priority Attention to it, Playfully Worshiping the way Mother Nature and Goddess Gaia/Pi Support us.

The Full Moon (Illumination) Squares (Challenges) the Nodal Axis (Mission and Karma), with North Node (Mission) Conjunct (Merged With) asteroid Ceres (Sustainability).  The North Node Initiates Ceres on 30 April (8pm PDT), starting a new 3-year 9-month Cycle at 11 Leo, “Children playing on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge Oak tree.”

This corner of the Grand Cross is the corner of the major Configurations (Grand Cross, T-Square) that intersects the Grand Quintile (light purple lines) which signifies the Gift of Important Wisdom about Sustaining our Mission.  More on this later.

North Node-Ceres is also one of two that are Diamond Stars (a T-Square and a Finger of God pointing to the same place).  A Diamond Star is the Gift of a Key to Resolving a Dilemma. 

The Gift of Easy Learning flows from our new but growing Realization that The Most Important Thing is Letting Go of our Attachment to Abuse and Privilege. 

The “Bowl of Grace” under the North Node-Ceres T-Square consists of Trine Bridges (the Easy Way) by Saturn-Hylonome (The Most Important Thing is Letting Go of Codependence) and dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege).

#MeToo is a step in this direction, as Reactions to Abuse that are Held Inside are not likely to Heal, and Unconscious Attachment to Privilege is not likely to Change without Exogenous Wake-Up Calls.  As Alan said, it’s harder to Let Go of our “Good” Karma (the Patriarchy considers Privilege to be Good Karma) than our “Bad.”  And one reason for Holding Abuse Inside is Fear of Losing Privilege.

The new Saturn-Hylonome Cycle doesn’t Initiate till 25 December of this year (10:30 am PDT), at 11 Capricorn, “A large group of Pheasant on a private estate,” invoking the Enclosure of the Commons. 

In 18th-Century England the Privileged Aristocracy took lands that had been dedicated to the Sustenance of All (the “Commons”), and declared them to be Private Property where all of their Resources belonged to the new “owner,” while the People lost their right to hunt and forage.   Have you thought much about how your concept of private property jibes with 5D?  As the measure of individual Success at the Expense of Others, private property is a foundation of the modern Patriarchy.

The second Diamond Star in the Grand Cross focuses on the Moon – Authenticity, Instinct, Yintegrity.  It’s Bowl of Grace is comprised of Trine Bridges by Venus (Values) and asteroid Sappho (Self-Love).

The Full Moon will also Illuminate Values which we continue to hold but which Sabotage our Authenticity, Instinct, Yintegrity, and Self-Love.

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  1. Beautiful Hummingbird Says:

    Thankyou! I am glad to find your site..I hope I can stay in touch…

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