Unhealable New Moon

Of course it’s not actually Unhealable – it just Feels that way till we Poor-Sweetheart ourself.  While the New Moon itself occurred at 6am PDT this morning (17 March), the impact dragged on, as the Moon Squared Ixion (Fear of Punishment) at 7am PDT, Crossed Chiron (Despair) at 9am, and crossed Nemesis (Free-Floating Guilt) at 11am PDT. 

Hopefully the Moon will have handled most of the Emotional weight, but the Sun will take longer to run this gauntlet: Sun Squares Ixion (Fear) 17 March 8pm PDT, Sun crosses Chiron (Despair) 18 March 5pm, and Sun crosses Nemesis (Guilt) 21 March 4pm PDT.

Unfortunately that means, though the Aries Equinox is “early,” on 20 March (9am PDT), it carries this Fear-Despair-Guilt with it into the rest of the year, as the Equinox Sun continues to Conjoin Chiron-Nemesis and Square Ixion-Pholus-Mars-Quaoar (Recognizing that we Need to Promote our Genius).  Fortunately, the Equinox also makes a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with Hopi (Respect for All Things) in Sagittarius and Mnemosyne-Varuna-Ceres (Remembering to Sustain the Life Force) in Leo.  Meanwhile, Hopi, Mnemosyne, and Ceres are all Stationary (Strong) at the Equinox.

Here’s a Powerful-sounding antidote for Fear, Despair, and Guilt…


“You have a frequency within you that harmonizes you with the unified field of energy in this universe.  It is the frequency of oneness.  It is the experience of unity consciousness, and it is available to you right now.  You don’t need to shift in order to find this frequency within you.  It is always available to you, and it is also beckoning you.

“Having that experience will change your life forever.  You will never feel alone or lonely again, and you will always know that you are part of something gigantic.  It is a feeling that will leave you knowing that there is no pressure on you to do anything or to become anything in this lifetime.

“Once you feel the sensation of oneness with all beings, you will be much more quick to forgive, and you will hold a tremendous amount of compassion for your fellow humans and animals.  Some of you will even feel it for the plants.

“This frequency is one that can be attained through your desire to feel it and by going within yourself.  It is not about forgetting who you are, or giving up your individuality.  It is about connection.  It is about spreading your consciousness out as far as you possibly can.  It is about knowing yourselves as more, and that always serves you.

“This shift in consciousness that you are participating in is also an expansion of your consciousness.  It is a raising of your overall vibration, and it is a recognition of that oneness.  You will all have this feeling at one point or another in this incarnation, but if you bring it about consciously and deliberately through your focus, you will know true power, and you will know that love is all there is.

“We invite you to go within, even for just a couple of minutes, every day, to feel for this oneness, this unity consciousness frequency that is waiting for you, and is waiting very patiently.”

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  1. desmene Says:

    Thank you… <3

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