Chiron-Ixion New Moon

Again, not being Sensational, just Accurate, as the New Moon Lights Up an ongoing Chiron-Ixion Square that we’ve been ignoring.  Compelling Repetitive Dreams about Horses and Self-Promoting Funeral Insurance (Chiron, Clearly) shorten my Sleep, so here we are. 

The current Chiron-Ixion Cycle was Initiated 21 October 1999 at 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: the transcendant ritualization of conflict.” 

Chiron, the Unhealable Healer, is about Despair and the Miracles that follow when we “Poor-Sweetheart” ourself about it and shift from Being Despair (“There is No Hope”) to Empathizing with Despair (“You Poor Sweetheart”), or Self-Compassion.

Ixion, our Compulsively Sociopathic Forbidden Genius, can’t stop himself from Committing Crimes Against Huperity.  Thing is, Crimes-Against aren’t Absolute, they’re Relative to social norms.  So Ixion represents our Willingness to Support our Deep Truth rather than How We Were Taught to Behave.

Denying someone the Right to Express their Deep Truth is very much an act of Abuse.  This is codified in the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

The Centaurs – other than Chiron and Chariklo – are spawn of the Crime for which Ixion was forever bound to the Flaming Wheel of the Sun.  That Crime of course was Lusting after Zeus’s wife Hera (Juno) and raping the Image of Hera that Zeus fashioned for the purpose.  For Zeus to rape anybody else’s wife was No Worries, so we have a strong Connection to #MeToo working here as well.

While rape was Ixion’s ultimate undoing, his sociopathy was larger than that, as he was originally Banished for the brutal murder of his father-in-law.

Now Juno/Hera represents the Edges of Consciousness.  So it’s possible to see Ixion as Lusting after Consciousness or Self-Sovereignty, rather than having to blindly follow our Karmic Archetypes or Other People’s Rules.

And the Centaurs are often seen as representing the Struggle between Huperity’s “Lower Nature” and “Civilization,” or between Nature Itself and Huper’s Compulsion to Control.  While Chiron’s origins were more “Civilized” than that of the other Centaurs, the Metaphor stands.

So we’re getting down into some pretty fundamental Roots of Life-the-Universe-and-Everything when we talk about the Chiron-Ixion Cycle.  Arguably, the most fundamental difference between 3D and 5D is that the latter is characterized by Collaboration with Nature rather than Competition and Control.

If we return to our original interpretations for Chiron (Despair Transforming to Miracle) and Ixion (Forbidden Genius), then the Chiron-Ixion Cycle would be about Despair over ever being able to Achieve Unconditional Self-Love, or “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Despair about Loving ALL of yourself, don’t you,” which Empathy would of course break the Spell.

The 1999 Ixion-Chiron Initiation occurred one Sign from Sappho in early Scorpio.  That’s the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking.

As many of you know, we differentiate “Can-Openers,” “Expositions,” and “Confidence-Builders” when considering a series of repeating astroevents such as Angles between the outer planets. 

The Can-Opener is the first occurrence, and Opens a “Can of Worms,” likely throwing us off guard, if not for a loop.

Subsequent repetitions are Expositions because they Expose the complexities of the Issues introduced at the Can-Opener, allowing us to Grok the Energy more fully and Responsibly (that is, being able to Respond to it rather than React to it as its Victim). 

Finally, the last event in the series is the “Confidence-Builder,” because we now Grok the Energy well enough that we’re Confident we can handle it.

The Can-Opener for the current Chiron-Ixion Square occurred in mid-May 2016, with subsequent Expositions in September 2016, April 2017, and November 2017.  The current event is the Confidence-Builder and was Exact on 3 March 2018.  If you keep a Journal, those dates might be informative for you.  If not, reviewing might be useful.  We were focused more on Uranus-Eris, but you should be able to see Chiron-Ixion in the background.

We also rank astroevents according to how often they recur, because if we’re likely to encounter a specific astroEnergy only once or twice in a Lifetime, then we aren’t going to have a lot of Experience with it, so it’s more likely to throw us for a loop when we do Encounter it.

The Chiron-Ixion Cycle spans about 80 years, so we’ll encounter a “hard” Angle (Square, Conjunction, or Opposition) between them about every 20 years on average, though since Chiron’s orbit is very irregular, the average won’t be very reliable.  As they say in Statistics, the average person has one testicle – the point is that averages can be quite misleading.

So Chiron-Ixion Energy isn’t a big part of our everyday Expectations.

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