Intuition Olympics 4

You probably remember how we identified dwarf planet Asbolus, which was prominent at the end of February, as not just Intuition, but the sort of Intuition that Leads us into Experiences of the sort that will yield Wisdom.  You know, the kind that Kills you if it doesn’t make you Stronger, or something like that.  Well, Asbolus is back.

It’s pretty Clear from the havoc that the March Stations chart has been wreaking upon our Lives, that the Bottom Line issue here is Trust.  If I didn’t know what was going on, I’d assume that my Life is in shambles.  Since I’ve got 3D==>5D and a Nemesis T-Square to pin it on, I’m somehow, usually, able to Trust that it’s “just” the Obsolete, the Dysfunctional, and the Unnecessary that’s being Jettisoned.

Which raises a couple of Questions.  What is asteroid Eurydike (Trust) up to?  And how about asteroid Ceres (Sustainability)?  Turns out they’re good questions, especially the former.

Unfortunately, Apple has once again screwed up my ability to import photos (after Regressing into extreme Frustration I’ve finally Noticed that I’m Regressed, and yes, now I’m Tapping, Asking Ganeshi to Remove Obstacles, and Thetaing Insights, but it’s still a work in progress), so I’ll have to draw a word picture of the March Eurydike chart…

  • Asteroids Eurydike (Trust) and Atropos (Endings) are both in 14 Libra, giving us a Major Objective of Ending our Resistance to Trust
  • They’re part of a complete Dynamic Grand Sextile (a Great Blessing in situations where we’re able to take the Initiative and the first step); the other five corners are…
  • Asteroid Karma (Ancient Habits, especially the Self-Sabotaging ones) in 14 Sagittarius
  • South Node (the Emotions we haven’t Learned to Embrace Lovingly yet, such as Frustration) in 13 Aquarius
  • Venus, Mercury, and asteroid Lachesis (Choosing Timelines) all in 13-15 Aries
  • Our friend dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition of the sort we’ve discussed) in 14 Gemini
  • North Node (our Spiritual Direction in the Lifetime) in 13 Leo

This is a very tight complete Grand Sextile, where none of the members are more than a Degree from Eurydike.  There are also three additional planets within a Degree and a half of Eurydike, assisting from the Magnetic side…

  • Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) at 15 Capricorn
  • Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity) at 15 Pisces
  • Asteroid Moira (Choice) in 12 Taurus

Leaving only the 12-15 Degree Zones of Scorpio, Cancer, and Virgo vacant.  If you have natal planets in any of those places, you’re here to help the rest of us stay Aligned with our Trust.  I’ve a natal planet in 14 Cancer and one in 11 Virgo, but none in mid-Scorpio.

Notice that all of the “Fates” except Klotho (Beginnings) are involved.  The Mythology is that these have Control over us and not Vice Versa.  However, Striving as we do for Consciousness, we interpret these asteroids as Choice rather than Fate – these are the Choices that Erase our Karma. 

Klotho, by the way, is only a Degree from Pluto, and we could have legitimately included it in the Pluto Kite of Women and Chaos 3.  We didn’t because it was slightly more than three Degrees from Jupiter, the Pole planet in that subchart.  The Clear impact however is that We Are Compulsively Beginning a New Detox Timeline (Pluto as Detox); we can consider this to be the portion of the Unconscious from whence our Self-Sabotage is derived.

The “Lesson” of that information is that We are Addicted to Struggle, and we can Reform that Trance by Disavowing our Ancient Vow to Strive Against All Odds.  From Now On We Want to Choose the Easy Way.  Look to see if you have Resistance to that idea.  When I Theta Choosing the Easy Way I get a picture of myself taking a Deep Breath and Letting Go of Tension.

Now of course Striving to Achieve Consciousness is always going to be Against All Odds; Consciousness is no walk in the park, it’s a walk in the park facing into one of those Nor’Easters that have been battering New England relentlessly.  Well, take a Deep Breath, turn around, and Walk Backwards.  Lean In, as Sheryl would advise.  This is what Pluto would do.

Can’t see where you’re going?  No Worries.  Here’s a practice for developing your 360-Degree vision.  Walk very slowly, and each time you move your right foot backwards, imagine that your Inner Alternate-Gender Self is riding your feet, facing you, so that the step moves His or Her left foot forward.  When your left arm swings forward, Her or His right arm swings backwards.

The image is that your Alter-Ego (Anima for Boys, Animus for Girls) actually occupies the same space as you do, but faces backwards.  So they step forward when you step backward.  Since you occupy the same space, you don’t need to operate their muscles separately; you just need to become aware that their Body Experience is the Mirror-image of yours.  These are your “eyes in the back of your head,” you just need to tune into them.

With Moira (Choosing to Break Self-Sabotaging Habits) in Taurus (Deep Commitment), the Time is ripe for this!  Lachesis in Aries with Venus and Mercury (Choosing to Begin New Timelines that Support our Values) Opposes Atropos (Choosing when to End a Pattern), further improving the Opportunity to Let Go of Self-Abuse.

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