Women and Chaos 5

A Grand Cross is often considered the Grandaddy of Configurations, consisting as it does of four T-Squares, each of which represents a collection of Challenges.  As is often the case, we’re  bit more sanguine about it; we consider the four T-Squares in a Grand Cross to compensate for one another pretty well and Balance things out. 

Do you know people who are Powerfully Productive, but always seem to be rushing around?  That’s kind of a caricature of Grand Cross folk, but not a very Reliable one, as so much depends on what else is going on.  Very rarely do Grand Crosses stand on their own, without Graceful Energies to temper them.

It’s a strong testament to how much is going on in the March Stations chart that it’s chart segment number five before we get around to including the Grand Cross…

We’ve drawn it nekkid, but it’s definitely not, as for starters the vertical Truth-Transformation Alethea-Pluto axis is also the spine of the Pluto Kite in the Grand Sextile subchart.  We would expect the Ego Death-Nemesis T-Square to be more Challenging than the Grand Cross, but Nemesis is also a corner of the Water Grand Trine, so the potential Challenges are pretty well Graced Out.  Nemesis Bridges both axes of the Grand Cross – it’s the Easy way.

Which is the way it should be.  Just think how Easy we could make every hassle by Learning to be fast and efficient at Ego Death!  With no Resistance from us, the World might look downright 5D.

There’s a fairly standard list of traditional Godly attributes – Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and the like.  Most lists don’t usually include Omnidigitous, but the March Stations chart provides a handful of Fingers of God…

The five Energies singled out for Attention by the green pointers include Expansion (Stationary Jupiter), Infinite Improbability (Stationary Chaos), Harnessing Fear (Sedna), Active Beliefs (Mars-Vesta), and Rebirth into 5D (Haumea plus Arcturus).

There’s one additional chart we need to look at, the Fifth Harmonic chart, what we can expect to be Learning…

We have an Almost-Grand-Quintile between the Energies of Mission (North Node), Rebirth (Haumea), Concentration (Saturn), and Essence (Sun), with a Vacant Energy that we need to supply ourself in order to make it all Flow together smoothly.  The Vacancy is about Accepting Gifts without Analyzing them to Death (2 Gemini). 

Which is exactly the advice I need right now!  I’d been getting a little bored going through every subchart, but this was well worth waiting for.  Rather than continuing to Focus my Attention on What-I-Want and What-I-Want-to-Feel, I’ve been Attending to What-I-Fear-I-Won’t-Be-Able-to-Make-Happen, focusing on Mechanism rather than Outcome.  Dynamic stuff, classic Manifestation miscue relative to Creating Magnetically.

We’ve added Tenth Harmonic Deciles and Trideciles to fill in the gaps between the Fifth-Harmonic planets.  The Tenth Harmonic is about Abundance and Expansion, mirroring Jupiter.  The Trideciles will be particularly Beneficial – Soul to Mission (Uranus-North Node), Rebirth to Compost (Haumea-South Node), Attention to Soul (Saturn-Uranus).  Exciting.

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