Women and Chaos 3

Omigosh, I just realized that I fat-shamed those Aliens by comparing them to a Tent!  Please forgive me!  I didn’t mean it that way!  You folks have a lot more Muscle Definition, and far better Colors than the Tent.  And those orange knobs make perfect accessories.  And Oh, those boots!

But back to the March chart…  A Grand Sextile makes our Efforts Easy, by contributing Blessings from the Outside, and also by improving the results of our own Efforts.  An Almost-Grand-Sextile will do the same, but adding the one Missing “Almost” Energy is up to us.  If we fill in the Almost-Grand-Sextile in the March Stations chart, it looks like this…

The Energy we need to add is the Energy of the 24 Virgo Vacancy, “Mary and her little lamb.”  Rudyar adds “The need to keep a vibrant and pure simplicity at the core of one’s being.”  That shouldn’t be too hard; just eschew Complexity and Convolution. 

In this case there’s also a fixed Star in the Vacancy, Denebola, the tip of Leo the Lion’s tail.  Denebola Recommends Non-Conformance – that we Respect Our Own Viewpoint more than the mainstream’s, without Rejecting the latter.  If you have a natal planet near 24 Virgo you don’t have to do anything except be yourself, and you’re Golden.

The big blue triangle at the center of the chart is a big Expansion-Truth-Ego Death (Jupiter-Aletheia-Nemesis) Emotional Dumb-Luck Blessing (Water Grand Trine) that provides the major External Grace.  This is a boon, as it proposes that the Ego Deaths necessary to Allow us to Grow into our Truth will be much less Traumatic than they would otherwise be.  A good time to take Risks toward What We Want. 

Also an excellent time to Strive to Recover any Lost Emotions.  List the major Emotions – Joy, Anger, Fear, Grief… there are many more, and many shades of each.  How many do you Experience?  Are there any that you never Feel?  Do you even know about them if you’ve never Felt them?  You could compare your list with someone else’s to see.  If you find any that are missing from your Stable, it is an excellent time to go Round them Up.

The double Kites (Directed Blessings) also stand out, with Pluto and Sedna at the head of each.  A Kite is a Grand Trine with a fourth planet midway between two of the original three.  It moves the Grace toward the planet at the top of the Kite, here granting us extra Grace around Harnessing Fear (Sedna) and Transforming Addiction (Pluto).  Fear and Addiction are two major Barriers to Accepting the Ego Deaths that will Allow us to Grow into our Truth.

Fear is Power – you can Feel that very clearly in your Body when it Dances with you or even nearby.  If it renders you “Beside Yourself,” you can regain Control by Tapping it Out, or better yet, with Kegels.  Kegels Harvest Fear Energy directly by slowing Time.  And of course there are always the higher maths – “Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement.”

Addiction and Ego fit together as naturally as a Horse and and Horseshoe.  We’re definitely Addicted to the Karmic Archetypes that keep us from Growing into new Arenas, and often as not we use Addictive substances to help enforce them.  I’m nervous about doing that; I need a cookie to settle my nerves.  Oh, yeah, that’s right, cookies aren’t the best Nutrition; I’ll have ice cream instead.  Or maybe both.  What was it we were talking about?

But Pluto is also Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation, in addition to Compulsion.  If you’re struggling with repetitive Self-Sabotaging Behaviors, PIAVA to Learn the Trance that you need to Revert.  When did you make that Vow, and why?  Remember that Resistance is Futile when Pluto is involved.  When you start to lose traction on ice or snow, you have to steer into the slide, so your tires act like wheels again instead of skis.  What would “steering into” your favorite Self-Sabotaging Addiction look like?

Look closely at the blue box surrounding the red X in the middle of the Almost-Grand-Sextile chart.  Did you spot the distinctive green side-by-side dos equis that betray the Yin Gate embedded in it?

One of the glories of the Paradoxes that Yin Gates promote  is that they force us to stay with Simplicity – Mary and her Lamb – while we move into what would otherwise be Complexity.  The central Distinction of this Yin Gate is Chaos or Infinite Improbability Opposing Mars-Vesta or – what sort of Beliefs would that be?  Vesta symbolizes Belief, Mars Action.  So we’d at least be talking about Active Beliefs.

In the Olde Days they’d write “There Be Dragons” on maps where they didn’t know what Improbabilities lurked.  That’s a good example of an Active Belief.  If you carried such a map and someone thought your Fears were silly, how would you Feel?  Your Actively Defended Beliefs are the most Dangerous.  You not only Believe it, but you can’t stand to hear otherwise.  Now we’re talking about something that begs to be Examined.

We’re still in the Water Grand Trine; we’ve just Morphed it into a Yin Gate.  So yes, Ego Death threatens.  We might have to prove your Belief to be wrong.  If we were in the Realm of Analysis that is.  But we aren’t.  We’re now in the Reaches, in the Realm of Paradox.  As Ursula likes to say, “Rules Change in the Reaches.”  Where there isn’t enough Repetition of the Olde Ways, there isn’t enough Power in the Olde Spells.  New Rules.

So we’ve Identified a Fear, and it implies a Belief.  From the Fear, of an Unsafe Place for example, we think we know what the Belief must be – “There Be Dragons,” for instance.  To do Paradox, we need to drop that step, that knowing, or thinking that we know.  In the Reaches, what we know Intuitively is probably wrong, or at least inappropriate.  Not enough Power in the Olde Spells.

We need to approach Paradox with Curiosity.  Not the sort of Curiosity that stays up late looking for answers, but the sort that causes your jaw to go slack when a bright green Butterfly with orange medallions crawls out of an ugly and lifeless black valise hanging from a twig, and Offers its Wings to the Sun Goddess.  Our ideas about who the Aliens are, are probably wrong, or at least inappropriate.

Here’s Marilyn Raffaele’s take on it…


“Every soul holds the one and only Power within–it is your true identity and your birthright as an expression of Source.  However, living life after life on earth under the rules of a third dimensional belief system, has caused almost everyone at some point to surrender their power and give it to those they erroneously believed had a right to it, or to those who through violence took it. 
“The result of this as been the creation of a conditioned state of consciousness still alive and well in impersonal universal consciousness.  This state of consciousness manifests as game playing, lying, pretending to be something one is not, and falsity in all or select levels of life in the belief that this is necessary if one is to attain success or acceptance (desire for love). 
“Non-conformity is a facet of awakening and is the birth of integrity and true honesty.  Personal non-conformance begins when one awakens into a more enlightened state of consciousness which  brings new ways of seeing and knowing the truth about self and others.  This new state of consciousness then begins to express as more informed and higher resonating words and actions within all aspects of daily living. 
“The energy and resulting false powers of the third dimension are beginning to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are because their substance (beliefs), that which holds them in place, is disappearing as more and more people awaken.  Non-conformance is simply the act of knowing and living out from a higher sense of reality apart from commonly accepted but false concepts of an unenlightened society — ‘I am choosing to no longer play third dimensional games.’ “

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