Really, the Intuitions (Asbolus) that lead us into apparent Difficulty are just rooting out our remaining Limiting Beliefs.  If you’ve in any way Asked or Prayed or otherwise PIAVAed greater Ease in your Life, and it hasn’t flowed to you immediately, that means you weren’t quite ready for it.  So basically what we’re always PIAVAing is that our Blocks to greater Ease be reduced or eliminated, which in turn means that we’re PIAVAing to Encounter and Embrace the Vows or Held Emotions or other Actions or Reactions that Created those Blocks.

This is the nature of Self-Sovereignty and Responsibility.  By the way, Sheriff Israel in Parkland FL, who averred that he could “only take responsibility for what [his Ego] knew about,” is a classic repeat of the Mythical Pholus’s travails.  It’s basically a refusal to be Responsive to the Actions of the Unconscious in one’s Life, and a Vow to continue to protect the status quo.  In the face of a Vow like that, any PIAVA for Improvement in your Life is a Declaration of War. 

The Ego never wins such a War.  Not that this is big Threat to us right now; it’s kind of the opposite.  In the current Full Moon chart, dwarf planet Pholus, along with Quaoar/Survival Instincts and Ixion/Forbidden Genius, form a Trine Bridge (Easy Path) across the Opposition (Challenge to Transcend Duality) between Truth/Veritas and an Exciting (if you remember your Kegels) Stellium at the beginning of Pisces. 

The Pisces-Cusp shindig includes Self-Love/Sappho, Edges of Consciousness/Juno, and Intrusive Memories/OR10.  As Edges of Consciousness/Juno moves on through Pisces (the Opportunity to Let Go of Heavy Emotional Baggage like Held Emotions) over the next two months, it will encounter Abuse/Nessus, Confusion/Neptune, and Despair/Chiron – each of which presents an Opportunity to Let Go of Abuse, Confusion, and Despair.  So it’s a fabulous time to Practice Responsibility.

Not Blame, which means looking at the Past to Assign Guilt, but Responsibility, which means looking at the Future to Improve Outcomes.

Dan Scranton has recently Channeled some very relevant Arcturian Wisdom for us along these lines…

“It is the effort that you put into what you do that generally gives you the feeling that you have accomplished something.  The more effort you put in, the more you feel responsible for the achievement, and therefore, the better you feel about it.  People who breeze through life effortlessly are rarely celebrated on planet Earth.

“You hold parades for those who struggle and sacrifice to achieve something.  You like the stories of a person’s meager beginnings, and you like to hear about how that person clawed and scratched their way up some sort of ladder to get to the top.  But things are changing now, and it is time for you all to reevaluate your ideals.

“Because you have moved into a feminine cycle, this will become the era of receiving.  There is nothing to be gained by struggle, and no amount of effort will ever be able to match a person’s offering of a high vibration.  Nothing that you could ever do could match the energy that you can download in an instant of letting go, surrendering, and opening yourselves up.

“The time of the Divine Feminine is here, and it’s time to celebrate those who are masterful at receiving from the higher realms that which is always being offered to you.  You still get to maintain your Divine Masculine side as well, but that side of yourselves is not going to be taking nearly as much action.  The actions you will take will be much more fruitful and with far less effort.

“That is true power.  The integration of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine will result in becoming the creator beings that you always have been but have yet to experience fully.”


“Now is the time for those of you who are awakened to fully integrate the versions of yourselves from past lives who have lived in the fifth dimension.  Many of you believe that you began your incarnational cycle in one of the lower dimensions and are now ascending, but you came down dimensionally from Source before you began the ascension process.

“So you have all been twelfth dimensional beings, ninth dimensional beings, sixth dimensional beings, and of course, fifth dimensional beings, and you have existed in all of the dimensions we did not mention as well.  Now, many of you also are new to the idea that you have incarnated in other parts of the galaxy.

“Just because there has never been a fifth-dimensional version of humanity on planet Earth, does not mean that you haven’t been able to incarnate in other parts of the galaxy as fifth dimensional beings.  You have, and you are downloading the information, abilities, and wisdom from those lifetimes.  You are integrating those aspects of who you are into your now moment because it is relevant to what you are doing as ascending beings.

“This integration process will be pleasant in comparison to some of the past lives that you’ve integrated from planet Earth and the third dimension.  Now that you are aware of this process, you can expect to be more tuned in to the fifth-dimensional energies around you, and you can expect to have an easier time in your ascension process.

“We also recommend that you welcome these aspects of who you are and who you have been into your hearts.  They will give you a sense of wholeness.  You will feel more complete, and you will have a better understanding of what you are moving into as you cross over from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.

“As much as these beings have to offer you, nothing will fully prepare you for the experience, because this experiencing of shifting upwards is so new and wonderful.  And we are very proud to be a part of this experience with you.”

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