Life Force Eclipse

The 15 February (1pm PST) Partial Solar Eclipse at 28 Aquarius Graces the Planet’s Root Chakra if you’re a Norther, and Her Crown Chakra if your Persuasion is more Southerly.

As we’ve said, we consider an Eclipse to be about Illumination, as there’s no better way to Illuminate what we take for granted, than to remove it.  This is how Consciousness evolves, not by Discovery, but by Discimination.

The Eclipse is about our Life Force.

  • First, the Eclipse itself is Merged With (Conjunct) the Edges of our Consciousness (asteroid Juno) and our Attention (Mercury).
  • Second, the major Configuration in the Eclipse chart signifies Challenge Made Easy (a Diamond Star – a T-Square and a Finger of God pointing to the same place).
  • Third, the Challenge is Attending to the Truth of our Life Force (asteroid Aletheia Merged With dwarf planet Varuna).
  • Fourth, the Eclipse itself is one foot of the “Bowl of Grace” (the double Trine Bridge) that underlies the Challenge (Bridging the Opposition in the base of the T-Square).
  • Fifth, the other foot of the Bowl is about Taking Full Responsibility for our Forbidden Genius (the Merger between dwarf planets Pholus and Ixion).
  • Sixth, the root of the Challenge is the Birth of our Soul into the Realm of our Ego (Uranus Opposing dwarf planet Haumea).

This may be a basis for the warnings that we’ve been given by the Off-Planet Channelers lately, that we may soon need to Choose between remaining in 3D (Duality, Competition, Struggle, Suffering) and Transcending into 5D (Peace, Serenity, Collaboration with All Things, Support).

While the major emphasis is on the Truth of the Life Force, there are secondary emphases on our Hidden Genius and on Fear (Sedna).  As we’ve been Learning this month (with Sedna’s Station) already, the critical issue is our Relationship to Fear, and our Response to it.  Let me know if anyone still has questions about that, and I’ll reiterate.

We made pre-Birth Agreements with our Programmers that they would Suppress part of our Unique Genius (Ixion), so that we would never be able to Forget that its Recovery is what we’re here for.  We all have to Express our Full True Self, and Allow everyone else to Express theirs, if we are to Recover our Birthright and Ascend into Collaboration.

Also auxiliary to the central Diamond Star are two secondary Challenges – to bring Fear into the stable of Emotions that we deal with Consciously and Comfortably (Sedna Square Eclipse-Juno-Mercury), and to Poor-Sweetheart ourself into Lovingly Healing our Despair about our Childhood Abuse (Chiron Square Pholus-Ixion).  Let me know if anyone needs me to reiterate Poor-Sweethearting, Despair, and Miracles.

We probably also need a reminder about Responsibility, as we’re being Inspired to be Fully Responsive to our Forbidden Genius.  Responsibility and Blame are very different; Blame looks back to the Past to Assign Cause, while Responsibility looks into the Future to Improve Outcomes.  Responsibility means “How we Respond.”  Blame is a Reaction, not a Response.

If we need Blame to get Conscious of our Limitations, that’s appropriate.  Even if in 5D or higher we Contracted with our Abusers to mete out our Punishment, in 3D there’s no sense in which we are to Blame for what they did to us.  Without Power, we Deserved Protection.  It was their Power that they Abused.  A stage of Anger at our Perps is inevitable and necessary.  Without fully participating in that Anger, we’re unlikely to Transcend our Abuse.

If we don’t Transcend and become Fully Conscious of what Transpired, we’re likely to become a Perp ourself, and extend the Cycle.  These Parallel 3D and 5D processes of Abuse and Forgiveness are a Paradox.  They’re to be Accepted rather than Understood.  Anger and Forgiveness are not Either/Or, they’re Both/And. 

Imagine being really really Angry at someone we really really Love, someone whom we deep down know is at Heart actually Innocent, in the sense that it was not their Conscious Intention to Abuse us.  If we can Express our Anger and if they don’t try to Deny our Anger or it’s Trigger (they don’t actually need to Accept Blame for our Anger), then Deep Healing is possible.  

Healing from Abuse is not an Easy process; it’s deeply Emotional and often takes a long time (though with the Death of Karma and the Contraction of Time, we don’t want to assume it will remain that way).  But as within so without, so Healing is not something we can gloss over if we Want to Change our “External” Mirrored Reality. 

Remember that Instantaneous Healing is available, it just may not be Easy to find here in the Wilderness.

One Response to “Life Force Eclipse”

  1. K Says:

    I know it’s my predisposition, so I’m always happy to hear more (and again) about Poor-Sweethearting, Despair, and Miracles. <3

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