Self-Love Eclipse III

Desmene points us back to the unforgettable August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse…

That Eclipse chart was incredibly more complex than this one is.  In that article we talk a lot about an interview with Jewel from an earlier post…

Which interview is every bit as important just now.  I know most of you don’t click on links or play inclusions, but I encourage you to play this one.

The current Eclipse is much more specific than the August Hiding.  Both the Septile chart in the previous post, and the “Major” Angle chart below, form Chrysalises.  They signify that, recently Reborn from last week’s Haumea Station (, we’re about to dry our Wings and take Flight. 

The basic theme of the Eclipse is Making Self-Love Sustainable (Sappho and Ceres), and it’s not even a Challenge.  The Challenge is to Trust our Intuition (Asbolus) more than our Oaths (Orcus), most of which are Obsolete.  Especially the Oaths which have gone Unconscious and morphed into Limiting Beliefs.  When your Intuition says Go Beyond That, do it.  It will be Confusing (Neptune), but that’s the first sign of Growth beyond Stasis, so Let Confusion be.  It’s not about Matter, its about Spirit, so it’s beyond Understanding, and it’s very counterproductive to try to squeeze it into that straightjacket.

Your best friend will be Consciously Letting Go of any Impediments to your Self-Sovereignty (Hylonome-Lilith).  Get yourself a red hat and embroider on it Make Me Great Again!  You just don’t have to be an Asshole about it like certain other hat-wearers.  But you do want to Reset your Boundaries so they serve You.  Win-Win by all means.  Take a Fearless and Searching Inventory of Explicit and Implicit Agreements where you Dance the Losing side of Win-Lose, and PIAVA to Change them.  Then Change the Subject, and Let your Higher Self – your Intuition – do the actual Renegotiation of the Agreements.  Don’t try to do it with your mind.

Here She is last night, surrounded by the Ships…

No, wait.  Those might be raindrops on the skylight.




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  1. haticeozcan2014 Says:

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  2. Victoria G. Says:

    Thank you for posting the video.

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