Self-Love Eclipse I

If something is Eclipsed, it often means it’s Hidden or Obliterated…

But we see things differently here, because to us an Eclipse Illuminates by its Absence something that we never noticed because it was Omnipresent.  So to us an Eclipse is an Opportunity to Open Wide a new Window into the Unconscious.  The Ego likes to think it’s in Charge, because that’s what it’s Supposed to do, and it Feels Good to do a good job.  But it’s our Unconscious Patterns, Habits, Programming, and Archetypes that run our Life.  When our Life doesn’t Feel Good, it’s Time to Ask the Unconscious what Habits it has running which Sabotage us.

Except perhaps by Hypnosis, we can’t Control the Unconscious, though we can often PIAVA – Pray, Intend, Ask, Visualize, or Affirm – it to Change (see and  Commanding, Wondering (if we’re able to maintain Curiosity as Awe rather than seeking Resolution), and Expanding are also Powerful PIAVA tools, as the links detail.

So when a Window Opens into the Unconscious at an Eclipse we can Discover what we need to Ask For (or PIAVA) in order to Eliminate Self-Sabotage.  On 31 January (5:30 am PST) we’re Graced with a Total Eclipse of the Moon.  We don’t even have to See it to Feel it’s Grace; it’s Energetic as much as it’s Visual.  It’s visible though east of Germany and Tanzania, and west of Newfoundland and Peru – there’s a map at

The Moon symbolizes our Authenticity and the Passion that Allows us to Convert Energy into Matter that holds its shape.  The two go together, as Passion doesn’t evolve from Lack of Authenticity.  So Lunar Eclipses are Opportunities to Manifest What We Want.  This one Conjoins the asteroids Ceres, which represents Sustainability, and Sappho, which stands for Self-Love.  So we’ll be Open here to Discovering and Eliminating any or all Impediments to making our Self-Love Permanently UnconditionalUnconditional Love of course is the Absence of Fear. 

Ultimately, our Self-Sabotaging Patterns are rooted in Fear.  Dylan Charles writes that “Anxiety, depression, and fear ravage so many today, but few pause to consider that in addition to the material influences in our lives, we may be also under the influence of beings which exist in dimensions outside of our ordinary perception.  But there is much more to reality than what we can see. feel, hear, taste and touch.”  There are a number of useful ways to Conceptualize these influences, but Dylan goes on to describe how Rudolph Steiner saw them…

“Finding oneself in the rut of spiraling negative self-talk, depression, crippling anxiety, or uncontrollable, irrational fear, is a sign, as Steiner points out, of a disconnection from our true spiritual nature, exacerbated by beings who operate in the spiritual realms.”  I encourage you to read his article.  In addition to Recovering from Overwhelm, this is one of the reasons we encourage you to Tap Out or Kegel your Fear.

When a new Energy emerges into Consciousness it’s often useful to Personalize it – that’s why folks throughout Space-Time have tried to name Gods, Goddesses, Demons, and Daemons.  The very Magic in Earthsea ( was based partly on Naming.  Self-Love, and its correlate Forgiveness, may be easier if we Externalize our Self and give it a Name – preferably our own.  We don’t necessarily use a name there, but that’s the process we use when we Poor-Sweetheart ourself.

Then we can look in the Mirror and say to ourself, “I Love You, [Your Name]” or “I Love You, Sweetheart.”  The objective is to Notice every twitch of Discomfort that arises when you do that, then Poor-Sweetheart it, Tap it Out, Kegel it, write it down and Embrace it later, do everything you can to Make It Absolutely Your Own. 

Authenticity, Self-Love, and Self-Sovereignty are highly intertwined.  The day after the Eclipse, a new eleven-year Cycle around Letting Go of Impediments to our Self-Sovereignty begins, so at the Eclipse we’ll also be Feeling that Energy Strongly…

“Hylonome Initiates Lilith 1 February in 10 Capricorn – ‘An albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor’; It’s Time to Let Go of Inhibitions to our Self-Sovereignty and Fully Support Cooperation over Competition.”  (

The Sailor in this Metaphor is your Ego, and the Albatross is the Unconscious.  Most of us don’t Intentionally Abandon our Self-Sovereignty, it’s our Unconscious Habits, Karma, and Archetypes that Abandon us.  While you’re Loving yourself by name in the Mirror, you might also try saying things like “I Have Absolute Power over My Actions and Desires” and Noticing whatever thoughts or Emotions or other Discomfort arise to the Contrary.  Then you can work on Poor-Sweethearting, Tapping Out, and otherwise PIAVAing your Embrace of the Discomfort.

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  1. Lunesoleil Says:

    🌚🌛🌝🌜Good musical choice, thank you and excellent weekend to you 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑

  2. Lunesoleil Says:

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    Extrait en Francais :
    Mais nous voyons les choses différemment ici, car pour nous une Eclipse Illumine par son Absence quelque chose que nous n’avons jamais remarqué parce qu’elle était Omniprésente. Donc, pour nous, une éclipse est une opportunité d’ouvrir une nouvelle fenêtre dans l’inconscient. L’Ego aime penser qu’il est en charge, parce que c’est ce qu’il est supposé faire, et ça fait du bien de faire du bon travail. Mais ce sont nos modèles inconscients, nos habitudes, notre programmation et nos archétypes qui gèrent notre vie. Quand notre vie ne se sent pas bien, il est temps de demander à l’inconscient quelles sont ses habitudes qui nous sabotent […]

    Alors , quand une fenêtre Ouvre dans l’Inconscient à un Eclipse , nous pouvons découvrir ce que nous devons demander pour (ou Piava ) afin d’éliminer l’ auto-sabotage. Le 31 janvier (5h30 HNP), nous sommes honorés d’une éclipse totale de la Lune. Nous n’avons même pas besoin de le voir pour ressentir sa grâce; c’est énergique autant que visuel. Il est visible à l’est de l’Allemagne et de la Tanzanie, et à l’ouest de Terre-Neuve et du Pérou […]

    La Lune symbolise notre Authenticité et la Passion qui nous permet de convertir l’énergie en matière qui tient sa forme. Les deux vont ensemble, car la Passion n’évolue pas du manque d’authenticité. Les éclipses lunaires sont donc des occasions de manifester ce que nous voulons. Celui-ci Conjoins les astéroïdes Ceres, qui représente la durabilité, et Sappho, qui signifie Self-Love. Donc , nous allons être ouvert ici à la découverte et élimination de tout ou partie Entraves à faire de notre amour-propre en permanence Inconditionnel . L’amour inconditionnel est bien sûr l’absence de peur.

    En fin de compte, nos schémas d’auto-sabotage sont enracinés dans la peur. Dylan Charles écrit que “l’ anxiété, la dépression et la peur ravagent tant aujourd’hui, mais peu de temps pour considérer qu’en plus des influences matérielles dans nos vies, nous pouvons aussi être sous l’influence d’êtres qui existent dans des dimensions extérieures à notre perception ordinaire . Mais il y a beaucoup plus à la réalité que ce que nous pouvons voir. sentir, entendre, goûter et toucher. “Il y a plusieurs façons utiles de conceptualiser ces influences, [ …]

  3. Lunesoleil Says:
    Article on Sappho written in 2013, to read it used a translator

  4. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks, Lunesoleil!!

  5. via #SelfLove Eclipse I — jbuss #Astrology – Ola Queen Bee of Astrology Says:

    […] via Self-Love Eclipse I — jbuss Astrology […]

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