New Province VII

These are both full of valuable Insights, too many to quote…
(after mid-January 2018, look in

And this is great…

“You have noticed that the primary creation in your lives is always your state of being.  You cannot be spiritually awakened and oblivious to your state of being at the same time.  It is as important to you as anything that you could create in the physical, and there’s a reason why this is true for awakened individuals.  You came forth into this incarnation wired a bit differently.  You came forth with certain sensitivities and a propensity to feel more than most people have.

“We are telling you this now because it is important for you to recognize that what once may have seemed like something of a deficit, you can now see as a positive trait.  You have more sensitivity because it is necessary in order for you to feel compassion and empathy, but it is more than that.  You cannot create what you want to experience without knowing what that experience is going to feel like.

“You must be able to feel your way into your creations in order to manifest them into your reality.  Being sensitive allows you to do this.  It also makes you want to include others in your creations.  You are not going to create a mansion and massive amounts of wealth for yourself without considering how other people are living.  You are not going to ignore the circumstances of others, and this is what makes you the perfect leaders.

“You are here not only to shift, but also to demonstrate to others how it is done.  You are here to create your reality and to teach others how to create theirs.  There is nothing more powerful as a tool than your ability to feel, your ability to sense, and your ability to activate a vibration.  And of course, in order to do that, you must be able to recognize what vibration you are holding.  Therefore, embrace your sensitivity.  It is the most powerful tool that you have.”

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  1. Debbie Says:

    Brilliant quote. :)

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