World Peace Timeline II

Sheila writes…

” ‘Whether the rest of your human cohorts know it or not, there is a best possible timeline for ascension, and they are in favor of that at the level of their highest selves.  That means they are contributing energy and desire to being on that timeline. You can tap into that.  You can feel for the best possible timeline for ascension, and with the collective energy of humanity you can bring it about.’

“I suspect we need either further instructions or to assume that all this intent will lead in good directions.”

I know, it sounds obscure.  But it’s the best suggestion I’ve seen.  I think the key is

“You can feel for the best possible timeline for ascension.” 

If you’re like me, the first thing we need to do is define Ascension.  I had no idea what the word meant till I read Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love series and, particularly, his Stepping…Between…Realities.  He makes it clear that what he refers to as Ascension is “just” what I’ve always regarded as an Ideal – where everyone does Win-Win with everyone else, we’re all well Supported by one another, we all have Respect for All Things, including the “Things” that most folks hereabout would consider inanimate or insensate, we Collaborate with Nature rather than trying to Control Her, everyone is regarded as The Best, and as Rodney famously said, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

In my view, the primary impediment to Ascension is Judgment. 

“It’s okay (or even righteous) for me to take as much as I possibly can of your

[choose one or several: power, money, affection, food, shelter, praise, land, people for slaves, water, clean air, etc etc]

without giving back, because I’m

[choose one or several: better, smarter, whiter, holier, slicker, more well-endowed, etc etc]

than you,” for instance. 

Your Ideal World will certainly differ in details, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it shares a lot of basic traits with mine.

My interpretation of “feel for” is to Imagine what it will be like to Live in such an Ideal World, and spend time being Present with that Feeling, replacing the Yes-Buts that arise with Yes-Ands, Tapping Out any Fear or Anger or Grief that arises, and maybe even PIAVAing (including, yes, Intention) whatever verbalizations you have for it.  In other words, Feel what you would Feel if you were there, and Feel it as often as possible.

My interpretation of “Timeline” is any Lifetime or segment thereof that’s reasonably distinct from other segments, where the segmentation can be in time or in quality.  For instance, the classical Greek Dramas are all Timelines.  If I’m Fated to Seduce my Anima (or, in the Drama itself, my Mother), for instance, the portion of my Life where that Archetype dominates would be my Anima-Lust Timeline.  If I’m trained to crave Dependence rather than Self-Sovereignty, the portion of my life where that Archetype dominates would be my Codependence Timeline.  If I have to work for The Man to Survive for a while, that would be my Slavery Timeline.

The same would apply to a Culture or a Tribe.  The political Life of Germany from mid-1930s to mid-1940s would be it’s Fascist Timeline.  Facebook, Google, the NSA, and the Antichrist Movement form a similar Timeline in the Culture of the US.  Most countries on the Planet have had a Colonial Timeline, either as Victim or Perp, of varying length.  Most countries have had a Television Timeline (which doubled the murder rate in many of them).  We enter an Off-Planet Timeline during the 1960s.

So to “Feel for the best possible Timeline for Ascension,”  I would first spend time Consciously Invoking what I Expect to Feel in my own Ideal World. 

Then I would, in turns, think about the major categories of People on the Planet that I’m aware of: Immigrants, Refugees, Homeless, Working Poor, Wage Slaves, Managers, Mechanical Turks, Hourly Workers, Retired Folks, Children, Adolescents, Student Debtors, Credit-Card Debtors, Gamblers, Investors, The 1%, Singles, Marrieds, Gays, Native Peoples, Minorities, Empaths, Psychopaths, Obsessive Compulsives, Introverts, Extroverts, People who “Live off the Land,” Folks who are Healthy, Sick, Disabled, Over-Confident, Depressed, Addicted, Overweight, Abused, Privileged, Hypercompetitive, … you get the idea. 

Obviously we’d want to combine or Choose a manageable number of groups who are likely to have different notions of what World Peace or an Ideal World means.  The idea is to Imagine what the Ideal World might be to Other People, and what they might Feel in their Ideal World.  For each one of these groups’ Imagined Ideal Worlds that are markedly different from my own Ideal World (such as Win-Lose People), can I find a “Coin” that would encompass their Ideal and mine?  Or do I need to PIAVA or otherwise work on dropping my Judgment of them?

I would gradually converge to a Collective Imagined Feeling or set of Feelings that would result from the Planet Collectively “Ascending.”  At each intermediate stage in that Process I’d spend time Meditating on whatever my Imagined Feeling had evolved to at that point in time.

Or, you can Generalize by Imagining what it will Feel like when Everyone Feels really good about their Lives, then gradually Expand geographically – Everyone in their Household, then on their Block, in their Neighborhood, in their Burb or Town, in their County, in their State or Province, in their Region, in their Country, on their Continent, on their Planet, in the Neighborhood of their Planet, in their Solar System, in their Galaxy, etc.  You’ve probably forgotten, but Expanding of this sort is actually one of the unrepresented terms in PIAVA.

When you get done with this, move on to the Other Animals, the Plants, the Insects, the Mushrooms, the Microbes, the Stones, the Clouds, the Wind, the Dirt, the Waters, the Emotions, the Ethers, and all of the other Entities that you usually consider insentient or inanimate, or don’t consider at all.  In Roads’s and my version of Ascension, ALL Entities Collaborate with ALL Others.  Maybe it’s like that in your Version too?  A bit like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Then you can take it Inside.  How will each of your Systems (Skeleton, Muscles, Glands, etc) and Organs Feel when they have their Druthers?  Your Chakras?  Your Nadis?  Your Meridians?  Your Healthy Cells?  Unhealthy Cells?  Gut Microbes?  Mitochondria?  Proteins?  Fats?  Enzymes?  Synapses?  Neurotransmitters?  Molecules of all stripes?  Atoms?  Quarks?   Strings? Vibrations?  Silly, yes, but quite Real.  All Entities on All levels, eh?

I know, Impossible.  Pick and Choose.  What seems most Important or most Effective to you?  If you can only spare five minutes a day, what Feels like the Most Important Thing on this menu to Do?  Five minutes is far better than nothing, though, really, what’s more Important than Ascension of the Planet?  Everything else will take care of itself, right?  Or, this menu might Inspire something entirely different for you – More Power to you!   You can even just Intend “what he said.”

Steven Levine’s Guided Meditations, Explorations, and Healings is a compendium of Meditations that will take us to the same place, where every part of ourself and Others are Forgiven for everything we or they may have said or done or thought, Consciously or Unconsciously, that was Harmful.  And while we’re at it, Steven’s Who Dies? is absolutely fundamental to our Identity Work, which in turn is Fundamental to the Ego Deaths that are inevitable – though not necessarily painful – in a Year Dedicated to Soul/Uranus and Manifestation/Makemake.  Manifesting What We Want, including Ascension, is all about Identity.  Who Dies? is Identity 101.  If you haven’t yet, read Who Dies? before you read anything more that I write.

3 Responses to “World Peace Timeline II”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    … and yet, we begin to feel into the alchemy of our ascension, the patterns inherent in the natural world… the rings of Saturn… the faint ringing bell in our peripheral hearing… the fairies dancing in the periphery… the muted sounds in the midst of the noise… dare we speak to these things… dare we listen… dare we ascend…
    love even
    the seemingly

  2. haticeozcan2014 Says:

    Reblogged this on tabletkitabesi.

  3. desmene Says:

    What you said… beautiful! Thank you!

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