New Province VI

Sorry to cram your inbox today, but there’s a lot going on, and I’m rushing to at least tarp the waterfront before the tide comes in.

We’re writing about 2018, based on the charts of its Birth and the ancillary events around it.  That includes…

  • It was a bit early, but the 23-25 December Quaoar-Saturn-Venus triple Initiation on the Cusp of Capricorn really kind of set the stage for a big Global and Personal Change.  On both levels, we might read this as “The Most Important Thing is that Survival Depends on Resetting Our Values to Give It Priority Attention.”  That shouts of Global Warming Denial on the Global level, and on the Personal level suggests that the inevitable Economic Collapse may occur in 2018.
  • The New Year and New Province started in earnest with the 28 December Veritas (Truth) Station.
  • Ixion Initiated Klotho, signifying that our Hidden Genius was planning a new Timeline, and Lilith Initiated Venus, injecting Priority Self-Sovereignty into our Values, on 29 December.
  • The New Year itself began at 12am 1 January.  We’ve covered the Fifth/Schooling and Eighth/Rebalancing Harmonics, but there’s more to discuss on this chart.  Venus, Pallas/Boundaries, and Ceres/Sustainability all begin the New Year Out of Bounds (Strong).
  • The Moon is Full on 1 January as well.  Last night I didn’t notice the size as much as its Brightness – I don’t recall every seeing a Moon reflecting this much Light, though of course it’s astrologically appropriate.
  • Uranus and Makemake are both Stationary on 2 January.

We’ve been writing about things in their order of appearance, so we’ve barely mentioned the Uranus and Makemake Stations, even though they’re probably the most important elements here.  A year beginning with the Individual Soul Exposed (Uranus Stationary), and Manifestation as a major theme (Makemake Stationary), is going to be one Heck of an Adventure.

I need another Power Nap to Restore my Energy, but first I’ll at least show the charts of the Uranus and Makemake Stations.

BTW, one of the characteristics of a Strong Uranus (such as when it’s Stationary) is that Sleep comes when it comes, not by the clock; if you aren’t Sleepy on schedule, have Fun with it and Trust that your Body will Sleep when and as much as it needs to – with Uranus, trying to fall Asleep when it’s not Time will only make Life miserable.  If your natal Uranus is Strong, this will always be True for you.

Here’s the Uranus Station…

This chart is rather amazing, looking for all the World like a reflecting telescope, especially a radio telescope, like the one in Puerto Rico that’s been looking in all the wrong places for Aliens.  We’ll discuss the salient points soon…

  • Uranus is in a crowd, snuggled with Eris/Revelation, Pallas/Boundaries, and Moira/Choice.
  • Uranus Opposes Haumea/Rebirth.
  • Uranus is one foot of a Sappho/Self-Love T-Square (Mastery through Challenge).

In other words it’s going to be a bit of a Challenge to our Ego, to have our Soul step in and send it to the showers.  Or rather, when the Ego Resists having to walk a mile in the Soul’s sandals. 

  • Ceres-North Node (Sustaining our Mission) as the secondary Mirror in the telescope (at the top of the chart) is rather remarkable, both visually and astrologically.
  • Sedna/Fear makes a Yin Gate/Paradox School with the Stellium of Vesta/Belief, Hopi/Respect, and Karma/Inertia.

There’s a lot more in the “bowl” there, as you can see.

And here’s the Makemake Station…

This chart looks a lot like the Ixion-Klotho Initiation (see New Province III,, but that’s a (real) coincidence; they both just happen to have the same shape.  It’s really very similar to the Lilith-Venus Initiation (in the same post) because they both occur in the same 5-6 Degree zone.  The two charts are rotated relative to one another because they occur at different times of day.  They’re also separated by four days worth of planetary movement.

It’s another Sextile Fez.  The key diagonals are…

  • Makemake Quincunx OR10-Nessus – “I Wonder how Privilege and Abuse dilutes my Ability and Willingness to Manifest What I Want.”
  • Aletheia Quincunx Hylonome-Lilith – “I’m Curious about the True Relationship between Attachment and Sovereignty in ‘my’ Unconscious.”  There isn’t really a Personal Unconscious per se, but our Psyches behave as if there is.

While the purple triangle (Quintile Yod, or Homework Assignment) pointing to North Node-Ceres (Giving our Mission Permanent Priority) shows up in most of these charts, it’s not really long-lived.  One corner of the base is Sun-Venus, which will only persist in this Configuration for about six days.  This makes it an important sleeper in the 2018 prognostication.  The other QYod in the 1/1 chart (Moon Biquintile Juno Quintile Vesta-Hopi-Karma Biquintile Moon, or Ferreting out our Prejudices in order to Manifest more Cleanly) will only persists for about twelve hours, making it in some ways even more important to 2018.

I’ll add more after my Nap, if I still find words in the hopper, and my Sorbonne can stand to sit more.  Otherwise, mañana!

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  1. Robin Says:

    Thank you and Happy New Year Jim. :-)

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