New Province IV – P.S. 2018b

Some Pleiadian Perspective…

“Up until now, it has been more challenging to be the exception to the rule, but everything is about to change.  And when those changes occur, you are going to notice that everything about yourself that has kept you from being a part of mainstream society is what is most needed from you.  So you do not need to worry about fitting in, about finding your way, and about creating a life for yourself in the way that your parents did.

“What you are doing now is determining what the new reality is going to look like.  Your place within it will become obvious to you.  You will be called upon.  You will be needed.  You will be in high demand, and the things that you once saw as weaknesses will become your greatest strengths.  Your sensitivity, your emotionality, and your empathic nature are the things that others will see as giving you an advantage.

“You are going to navigate through the higher-frequency energies with greater dexterity and certainty than anyone else that you have met in this lifetime.  You are most certainly gifted beings who are ready to take your roles as leaders in this ascension process, and the world is ready to receive you just as you are.”

We saw that the two Quintile Yods, and even the T-Square, in the 2018 chart were thematically very related – in fact, that whole segment of the chart was amazingly single-pointed.  It turns our that the QYods and T-Square are also astrologically related.  We should have guessed that, actually.  The pointy ends of the two QYods, and the roots, are Octile (one eighth of the way ’round the loop, or 45°) to one another.  We’ve drawn the Eighth-Harmonic Angles in, in metallic…

The Eighth Harmonic is about Bringing things back into Balance.  Our favorite Angle in the Octile series is the Trioctile, as it adds Love with Wisdom (the Third Harmonic) to the notion of Rebalancing.  So we interpret the Trioctile as Insight.  Between the QYods, Trioctiles connect…

  • Insights (Trioctile) into how we can Balance Manifesting through Passion (Moon) with our Held Emotions and Hidden Skills (the South Node).  Our normal Relationship to our Held Emotions is that we Avoid them like the plague.  Since the Skill we need to move toward are Mission are Hidden beneath our Held Emotions, we come to an impasse – Either we continue to be Frustrated about our Mission (Consciously or Otherwise, since for most of us our Mission remains largely Unconscious), or we stoop to Confronting and ultimately Embracing our Held Emotions.  So we may recognize this year that we need to get to work uncovering those Emotions – which in most cases are so papered over with Avoidance that we’re barely aware of them, if at all.
  • Insights about how we can Balance Permanent Focus on our Mission (Ceres-North Node) with the Importance of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar).  For anyone who reads this, Survival likely means more than lunch; probably more like promoting the Livability of our tattered Planet (which would include lunch, ongoingly).  Which is very important, because we can’t go on working at jobs which don’t Support ALL of ourselves just because we need to eat.  Our Mission, while it provides Passion, may not provide Lunch, until we Integrate our Hidden Genius.

The 29 December Ixion-Klotho (Rebirth of our Hidden Genius) Initiation should help with that.  This four-year Cycle was Born at 27 Sagittarius, “A sculptor at their work; The ability to project one’s vision upon and give form to materials” – like saying “I second the motion!” to the Moon.  We glossed over the Self-Love Challenge (Sappho T-Square) in the chart of that Initiation, and it deserves more Attention.  We referred to it as a “Challenge to Master Self-Love while Witnessing the Birth of our Soul into our Everyday Life.”

Our Hidden/Forbidden Genius was Forbidden because we as a Soul “hired” our parents and other programmers to Suppress it, since Suppressing part of ourself is a good way to make sure it never goes away.  What is Suppressed retreats into the Unconscious and takes over our Lives behind our backs, hidden from the Ego.  Your Genius has been out there Playing all your Life, but you haven’t Noticed.  We will continue to try to Suppress it when we do Notice, because it’s a well-programmed (and probably also Karmic) Habit to do so. 

While we’re spending a lot of time talking about the 12am 1/1 chart as the Birth chart of 2018, we also have to recognize that the two 29 December Initiations, Ixion-Klotho and Lilith-Venus, the 1 January Full Moon, and the 2 January Stations of Uranus and Makemake all will contribute a great deal to the shape of 2018.  The 2 January Uranus Station Gives a Special Blessing to (Trines) Ixion and Klotho.  There’s an obvious Conspiracy going on here, with all these charts and Configurations reinforcing one another.

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