New Province IV – P.S. 2018a

Public School #2018…

12am PST 1 January 2018 – except for rotation, the chart will be very similar for every other time zone.

The two purple triangles are Quintile Yods or Educational Fingers of God – two planets Biquintile (two fifths of the way ’round the loop, 144°) to a third planet.  That leaves a Quintile (one fifth of the circle, 72°) between the first two planets.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching. 

So what will we be Learning in 2018? 

  • We’ll be studying the Relationship between Our Liberation from Judgment (asteroids Vesta-Hopi-Karma) and how closely we Dance to the Edges of Our Consciousness (asteroid Juno)

We may see further Polarization between the folks who Identify with their Judgments , and those who grok (Heart) or understand (mind) that We Are All One, and greater Fear of Immigrants, the Homeless, and the Poor (Resistance to Vesta-Hopi-Karma)However, over the course of the year we should see many people able to Expand their Perspective and soften their Rigid Distinctions.

  • We’re likely to see new Institutions develop to promote both sides of this Coin (Biquintiles to Moon), and to promote their Integration.

The Biquintile combines the Second Harmonic (Ritual) and the Fifth, so there are likely to be attempts to Ritualize Judgment and/or Liberation from it, and to Ritualize Ego-as-God and/or Ego Death.  The Moon is about Passion Manifesting into Form.  Many of us Feel a Clear Sense of Ascension into Collaborative Culture, yet Regression into Rigid Separation and Competition is obvious, and this is Confusing.  However, Confusion is the first stage of Growth (Juno).

Vesta represents our Unconscious Beliefs, Hopi Respect for All Things, and Karma our Ancient Habit Patterns.  Certainly Fear and Prejudice are deep Ancient Habit Patterns for all of us.  Gaining or regaining Respect for All Things will in most cases involve Letting Go of Karma.  Security-oriented and Conservatism-oriented people are drawn to Ego-Protecting Institutions, and may fight Respect for All Things to the Death.

We may see the Earth “split in two,” as many have suggested, before we see Integration of these phenomena, as those who are ready to Abandon Rigid Tribalism Manifest Asylum for themselves, apart from those who are Threatened by Softening of Ego Boundaries.  The idea of a planet splitting in two is Confusing in itself; Michael Roads has the best introduction I’ve seen, in Stepping…Between…Realities, pp.163-248.

  • We’ll be Learning to stop Personalizing our Values (Sun-Venus-Hylonome) and to stop Identifying with our Pain (Chiron).

This curriculum should help us Let Go of Judgment and move toward Collaboration.  The Mythical Hylonome was a Centaur who was fully Merged with her Lover.  Striving toward Consciousness, we prefer Choice over Fate, so we see dwarf planet Hylonome as the Invitation to Choose to Disidentify with our Archetypes whenever practical. 

Similarly, the Mythical Chiron was the Unhealable Healer.  However, we know that Empathy Heals, and we’ve Learned that we can Separate our Identity from our Pain by Poor-Sweethearting it.  So we interpret dwarf planet Chiron as the Invitation to Choose to Disidentify with our Wounds whenever appropriate.  Even when we put All of our Attention deeply into the center of our Discomfort, we are still not Identifying with the Pain, because our Pain is the object of our Attention; our Observer is the subject, the Identity, our Assemblage Point.

  • We can Expect Institutions (Biquintiles) to arise to promote both of these Identity shifts – away from Identifying with our Pain, and away from Personalizing our Values.  These will help us move toward more Permanently pursuing our Mission in the Lifetime (Ceres-North Node).

Of course we can also Expect Institutional Resistance to both Trance(Re)Formations.  For instance, the AMA will campaign vigorously to prevent folks from Healing themselves with Attention.  And everyone who’s deeply Ego-involved with their own Values will feel Betrayed when someone leaves their fold, and may React to weakening of their Institutional support.  Until there are enough Monkeys.

Each of the two Quintile Yods is split down the middle by an Opposition to the third planet, making these fourth planets foci on their own, amplifed by Deciles (one tenth of the way ’round the loop, 36°, signifying Fortune) to the first two planets.  These are…

  • The Importance of Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival (Saturn-Pholus-Quaoar) makes a Dichotomy (Opposition) with our Passionate Manifestation (Moon) and suggests Attention to (Deciles) Forgiveness (Vesta-Hopi-Karma) and Openness to Growth (Juno).  The Attention may Manifest as either Abundance or Scarcity, but we’d likely be Choosing Abundance or becoming Aware of our need to Choose Abundance.
  • Our Held Emotions and Hidden Skills (South Node) are Counterpoint to (Opposition) making Attention to our Mission Permanent, and are obvious fulcrums for (Deciles) our Acceptance of Depersonalizing our Values (Sun-Venus-Hylonome) and Empathizing with our Pain (Chiron).

The Liberation from Judgment (Vesta-Hopi-Karma) is complicated by its involvement with Fear (Sedna) and Ego Death (Nemesis) – we are Challenged (T-Square), by Fear and the persistence of our Ancient Karmic Judgments, to overcome Resistance to the Demise of our old sense of Self.   



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