…as Sylvester Would Put it. 

Here’s a timely message from Dan Scranton’s Arcturian friends, as the Moon prepares to Trigger our Memories of Abuse tomorrow (23 December, 6am to 5pm PST) (OR10 still Conjoins Nessus in early Pisces), which we’ll write more about shortly…

“There has been enough suffering on planet Earth to bring you all a gigantic response from the higher realms.  There is no need for further suffering to create a stream of energy that will flow to all of you and give you exactly what you need.  Suffering, like everything else, has a purpose, plays a role, and in some way serves you to a point.  But you have far surpassed that point where suffering is bringing you something that is needed on planet Earth.

“Now is the time to let in the energy that has been summoned.  Now is the time to let go of that which is causing you to choose the experience of suffering.  When you let go, you are not giving up.  You can never truly give up on something that you desire.  You can never become disconnected from someone that you have lost to death, but you can let go of the suffering and let in the response to that suffering.

“When you are expecting to receive relief, you subconsciously lay down your guard and you let in that which you have been asking for.  We desire for this message to reach enough of you who are looking for something to cling to so that you can grant yourselves that reprieve and let in all that you’ve been asking for.

“Now, of course, there is personal suffering, and then there is collective suffering.  There is the oppression of the human race that you also have in your human history.  You’ve all been oppressed, and you’ve all felt oppressed, and the collective’s asking is enormous.  Therefore, whether you are suffering personally or not, you can be a part of the opening of the floodgates for the collective, so that everyone who is asking can receive the energy they have summoned and can build a new life with that energy.

“There is so much for all of you to create, and by letting in the help that you’ve been asking for, you are going to make that process so much easier on yourselves.”

With our Venuses (or sometimes Mercuries) in Water Signs, many of us are “Emotional Thinkers,” meaning that our Bottom Line about anything is how we Feel about it.  In an overintellectualized Culture like the Western European paradigm, that’s often looked down upon.  It’s not we that are Limited by our Emotional Thinking, though, it’s they that are Limited by their Judgment and lack of Perspective.  With Tapping and Poor-Sweethearting available to us, however, Suffering is a Choice we make, whether we’re Conscious of making the Choice or not. 

If we find ourselves Suffering, we can Choose to view it as an Opportunity to PIAVA that we meet, befriend, and negotiate Win-Win with the part of ourself that has Chosen to Suffer.  That would have Potential to rapidly recast your entire Life into one without Self-Sabotage.

The major Insight that I gained from our recent Full Moon Scramble ( was the Realization that I could PIAVA that ALL of the Egoic, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and other “parts” and “subparts” of myself and my Self, Conscious or otherwise, Cooperate and Collaborate fully with one another in Perfect Balance, Moment to Moment.  That’s a Life-Changer.

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