Full Moon Scramble VI

We’re now in the thick of a Moira Station, which is Complete 16 December (3pm PST) at 26 Aries.  Moira symbolizes Fate, and by now you probably know that we consider Fate as something which befalls folks who stubbornly (or otherwise) Resist Becoming Conscious of the Archetypes that run their Lives.  While Perfect Consciousness is probably virtually unattainable (like Lucy,

we’d dissolve – and why wouldn’t we!) – as Goethe put it, “Wer immer strebend sich bemüht, Den können wir erlösen.”  Not that we agree that one’s degree of Consciousness has anything to do with how much of one’s brainbone one uses.

Which is to say, no matter how little we succeed, it’s worth the effort.  So for those of us “Wer immer strebend,” Moira symbolizes Choice.  We saw an excellent example of that yesterday in Alabama.  Whitey voted for More of the Same, and our Darker friends voted for Choice.  Tells us very clearly who’s likely to inherit the Planet, if Whitey leaves anything of value on it to inherit.  Or, who we might expect to hang out with on Earth’s 5D twin.

Again, we’re still in the Full Moon Scramble series because the Moira Station is Trioctile to the location of the Full Moon Sun and to the recently Stationary Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking).  And Moira’s Station Conjoins Uranus (Soul Self) and Pallas (Boundaries).  In other words, we’re on schedule to reset our Boundaries around Making Space for our Soul Self to abide more often.  We might conclude, for instance, that Alabama Whitey’s Soul Self has Chosen to Explore the implications of Keeping the Oath to Defend the Ancestors’ Values at all costs.  Lord knows we been there, eh?  For how many millennia?

I apologize for being short of time lately, as several time-consuming exigencies have come into my Life of late, leaving me a lot less time for blogging lately.  I’m adjusting, but it’ll take me a little while to get back.  Please have patience, and don’t hesitate to speak up and Ask Questions; it’s often quicker to wrap an Astrological discussion of current events around an answer to a specific Question.

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