Channeled Wisdom

We find a veritable Storm of Wisdom on the internet today…

Here’s a wonderful Natalie Glasson Channeling from the Fairy Kingdom.  It begins with…

The energy coming forth to greet you now is the united consciousness of the Fairy Kingdom.  We bring to you our joy, the innocence of the Creator, the essence of creation, the magical love and the Creator essence.  We delight in being in your presence and wish to be of service to you in a unique and awakening way.  Let our energy vibrate around your being, you will notice the quick and high frequency we hold which is married with the essence of the Goddess Mother Earth.  We appear often as multi-coloured light, sometimes small and sometimes large.

“The Fairy Kingdom acts as a bridge of light between the high vibrations of the inner planes and the beautiful truth of Mother Earth, we embody both sacred energies.  Thus, we are able to support an embodiment and balancing within your being of the inner planes and beauty of all that Mother Earth represents.  We wish to ground you deeply into the magic of Mother Earth and elevate your vibration expanding your awareness into the truth of the Creator. 

“A unity and oneness of the entire Universe of the Creator will emerge from within your being, it has always been present, however it blossoms into your realisation and conscious mind for you to express and experience in your life.  In order to achieve a balancing of energies within your being, we, the Fairy Kingdom will work with you expressing our healing, guidance, wisdom and love to create an inner release of all that limits your Self-Realisation.  We wish for you to exist as a self-realised being upon the Earth.” …

And goes on from there.

Marilyn Raffaele’s current message educates us about the current state of Consciousness, Ritual, Intuition, Gender Balance, Striving, Judgment, and many other oh-so current topics.  Some excerpts…

Know that you can still enjoy those ceremonies, mantras, or rituals you love, but you must do them from a state of consciousness that knows you are already everything you believed these things would help you to become.  In the beginning metaphysical practices were important, even vital to one’s opening to truth, but at a certain point they become obsolete because the seeker has evolved beyond their need.”

You have prepared yourselves well and are now ready to move beyond any remaining fears carried from lifetimes lived in a third dimensional belief system.  When worry or fear thoughts arise, never resist them.  Let your response simply be, ‘Oh, you again,’ which does not bestow them with power over you.  Understand them to be old energies from an earlier state of consciousness surfacing, ready to be released into the nothingness that they are through your present higher awareness.”

“God alone is power.  You, as full expressions of God, have the ability to empower or dis-empower.  You forgot who you really were and gave your innate power to others–people and beliefs happy to take it.  However, you are no longer asleep in the beliefs of duality and separation and are thus ready to reclaim your power.  Real power… is a fearless strength and confidence that automatically flows into all action and decisions from a consciousness fully aware of who and what it is.”
As Divine Feminine energy comes more into balance with the Divine Masculine, women are becoming more empowered.  In the past and still today, women are being taught that they are weak … and thus have to be guided…  This is quickly changing as the masculine (active, be-er, do-er energy) and feminine (receptive, creative, intuitive energy), equally present within every individual, come into balance. The process is causing the pendulum to swing wildly at this time, but eventually the truth about masculine and feminine being two equally important facets of the one/ONE will become the consciousness of most and manifest as the equality of respect and love.”
It often happens that serious truth seekers struggle to rid themselves of negative emotions and ‘bad’ thoughts…  These practices can only result in failure because the student is keeping the very issues he seeks to be rid of alive and well by endowing them with a power over him.  This leaves many a serious student of truth to unnecessarily see himself a total failure, one that will simply never attain enlightenment.”

“It is not necessary for you to do this or think that, or say this etc. in order to get the process moving.  You can delay it through free will, but evolution is unavoidable–it is what you are.  Every individual is the fullness of Divine Consciousness no matter how many veils of illusion they choose to drape over themselves…  Release all remaining conditioning that labels people, places, things, activities etc. as good or bad–a reflection of duality.”
Brenda Hoffman’s Channel has this for us, among other things…
“This feeling is similar to what you felt in early puberty before you were allowed to date or drive.  You wanted to rush into adulthood before you were physically prepared to do so.   So it is now.  Those feelings of, ‘I’m ready, what’s taking so long?’ are becoming almost overwhelming.  You test this or that new activity or philosophy, hoping against hope that doing so will move you into the Universal maturity for which you pine.  You are in one of those frustrating ‘wait and see’ phases – not necessarily enjoying your old life and not yet fully creating your new life.”
“Allow yourself this growth spurt for that is what it is.  Not a life-threatening activity, but instead a life-growing activity.  Something you will refer to with humor in the not-too-distant future, even though you might be a bit uncomfortable the next few days or weeks.  Perhaps you believe you know enough to ‘fake it’ through these next few days or weeks.  Unfortunately, such is not true.  For if you deny this new you, you will feel extremely uncomfortable maybe even to the point of a short-term disease like a cold or the flu.”
Finally, Daniel Scranton’s friends illuminate us around Judgment and Envy.   A ssample…

“When you are looking around at the circumstances of your life, and you are comparing them to the circumstances of someone else’s life, it can be easy for you to slip into judgment mode.  When you see that someone else has something in their lives that you do not, you can see yourself as flawed in some way, or as being a bad little creator being.  You may also go in the other direction and assume that the other person has done something illegal or immoral to have what they have.“Whatever the conclusion you make is, it will not serve you to slip into judgment mode, and it serves you even less to slip into comparison mode.  You are creating everything that you see.  The experience of your life that you are having is your creation, and that includes everything that is happening in everyone else’s lives.  So why would you create a circumstance for yourself that is less desirable than the circumstance that someone else is living?”

“For one thing, you need to know that it is possible to be living what you desire to live. Instead of getting down on yourself for not living that same circumstance as your fellow human, you can seek to feel that person’s vibration.  You can get inspired by what other people are living, just as you can have compassion for those who have much less than you…  When you want to experience something in your life, and you feel that jealousy, or that resentment coming up within you because you see others living it, that is an opportunity for you to release something within you.  Release those negative emotions.  Feel them.  Clear them, and make room for the vibrations that are a match to what you want to be living.

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