Surrendering to the Unknown XI

A reader sent me this link a while ago, and just today I’ve finally found time to look it over.  Here’s an excerpt…

“In this podcast on Systems Thinking and the Illusion of Cause-and-Effect you’ll find:

  • “There is no such thing as Cause and Effect but only ‘Emergent Properties of Systems’
  • “Systems Thinking is a way of thinking or interacting with reality that is different from basic Cause and Effect
  • “When we try to create influenced results, we end up having limited influence over it because we are not seeing the other Influencers or Nodes in the system
  • “To have a desired result, recognize that nodes have to work in a certain way to have an ’emergent’ (thing that emerges from all things working together)
  • “We turn to Cause and Effect thinking because things are too complex to understand and because it is easier to fuse Sequential events
  • “A System is a cluster of themes working together influencing each other; doing things synchronously and asynchronously and bringing about an inevitable emergent
  • “Two things to keep in mind about systems:
    • “Initial Condition (starting condition of a system)
    • “How the nodes in the system interact with each other”

What a coincidence that I’d look at it today, eh?  I’ve read some about Systems Theory, but I’ve never actually studied it.  I’m surprised to find that it can be formulated to eschew Cause and Effect!  Of course themes “working together influencing each other” can be seen as a set of Cause and Effect Relationships if the System encompasses Linear Time, but we don’t usually include feedback and mutual influence when we think of the Cartesian God Causean Defect.

The point is that our Antagonist and Identity from the previous post are two Nodes in a complex Conscious-Subconscious System, Pluto and Capricorn are two more Nodes, while Self and Other are two additional Nodes, which incorporate a Codependence-Sovereign axis into the System – if the System incorporates Duality and thus can be said to have axes.  We may instead just have a cluster of Nodes – Sovereignty, Interdependence, YintegrityYangtegrity, Codependence, and however else we want to differentiate Relationship.

When I look through this lens at the Frequencies I’m trying to Manifest, while “I” am at least several Nodes in these Systems, it’s as if this “I” is outside of the System looking in.  That partial Separation might be useful for locating the Resistance Nodes (like my Abandonment and my overfocus on Mechanism), the Persistence and Discouragement Nodes, the Outcome Nodes, the Emotion Nodes (especially including the Passion that glues Energy into Form), the Self-Worth Nodes, the 3D-Trap Nodes (like Linear Time and Causan Defect and Analysis – like this one).  But we hammer in our pitons as we climb.

Without Intending it, I pick up a book and open it at random.  Interesting…

“One of the problems with the spiritual quest is that it can become so intellectual that the one quality that will help you the most is lost.  That quality is the ability to love.  Many come to me and say they want to love but don’t know how, so I would now like to share with you some of my observations of [huper]kind.  In this time of mentalization, of concepts and ideas, [hupers are] forgetting something very simple. 

“What you are forgetting is that the basic quality of [huper] consciousness is love.  The ever-shifting shadows that play upon the surface of that love are really nothing more than shadows, but since you have taken them to be reality, the play engrosses you and the love eludes you…

“The first thing needed is to see yourself differently.  Do not view yourself as some little worm scrambling for love but as a full-blown, wondrously open being, filled with abiding love…  When you meditate…  I think it important that you concentrate on the center which you call the heart center.”  –Bartholomew, I Come as a Brother, p.126-7

Michael Roads is always talking about Choosing Love, but this sort of puts it in a new Light.  So I’ll fill my little Node-filled Manifestation pinball machine with Heart Energy, and see where the marble flies to.

One Response to “Surrendering to the Unknown XI”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    what a bookshelf you have.
    a starseed could get lost in a bookshop
    such as that…!

    quite beautiful,
    your random,
    to find you…

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