Surrendering to the Unknown IX

Both Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends, and Michael Roads give us wisdom today on the Unknown…

“There is an advantage to not knowing what you are creating.  The advantage lies in the fact that you are actually co-creating with beings who have the ability to see what you cannot.  Everything is a co-creation, because you do not exist within a vacuum.  Everything that you create affects every other individual in the universe, throughout all time and space.

“And so when you co-create with higher frequency beings, which you are always doing by the way, you have the advantage of their vision, their ability to create that which you could not possibly imagine.  And when you co-create with the greatest and highest good of all beings as a part of your intention, you are supported by more of these high frequency beings of light and love.

“You can and you do summon higher frequency beings when you have good intentions for all, but you summon more when you have the entire collective in mind for your creation.  In other words, if you want to create wealth for yourself, you are still supported in that because your creation of wealth can benefit others in a number of ways.  But when you intend to create wealth for all beings on the planet, you not only summon more energy, but you also summon more helpers.

“Now, when it comes to creating that which is unknown to you, remember that you are always creating an experience so that you can feel something.  And as the frequencies are getting higher and higher that you have access to, so will be the creations and the experiences.  Therefore, you have yet to discover how good you can feel, just as you have yet to discover how much you can create.

“But the higher frequency beings that you are summoning for help know.  They can see beyond what the human mind can comprehend.  They can see the energies that are going to be most helpful in your creative process, and they can see how much your creation will impact the whole of humanity.

“There is strength in numbers, and you are a powerful collective with even more powerful friends in the higher realms.  Remember that the next time you set out to create anything at all.”

And From Michael’s “365 Steps”…

“When I close my eyes exchanging seeing out for seeing in, I see not only that which is possible, but also that which possibly IS.

“A forward vision sees the possibilities of life.  Even though it is simple enough to achieve,  even this is not common.  It was once the measure of a great statesman, but today this ability seems to be sadly lacking in our current crop of world leaders.  An inward vision is far more rare.  When the mind is quiet, an inner vision sees beyond the physical possibilities that are held as a potential, to a place where that which IS holds as yet undefined possibilities of creation.  This is something that cannot be taught.  A direction can be indicated, but once launched, you are required to find your own way.  The paradox is; if you look for the way, you cannot find it, but when you know that you and the way are One . . . it is done.  The way, of course, is by . . . choosing Love!”

Dynamic or Masculine Creativity Focuses on Methods and Mechanism, how to get there.  Magnetic or Feminine Creativity Focuses on Outcomes, or where to get to.  The Magnetic invites “Miracles.”

2 Responses to “Surrendering to the Unknown IX”

  1. Mahasweta Says:

    “Dynamic or Masculine Creativity Focuses on Methods and Mechanism, how to get there. Magnetic or Feminine Creativity Focuses on Outcomes, or where to get to. The Magnetic invites ‘Miracles’.” Very well said… Left brain, right brain. .. Being, creating in the unknown is what flows these days… Every time there is a desire to make concrete an idea, the knowing that it’s bigger than that comes to the rescue… And a letting go happens that allows more blessings to flow in… Thanks for posting this.

  2. Mahasweta Says:

    There is also a knowing something big is coming… I can almost touch it and yet it’s unknown… Feels strange not knowing and yet there is comfort in this unknown.

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