Surrendering to the Unknown VIII

This week’s Calendar contains one more astroevent we haven’t considered yet…

Jupiter Opposes Uranus in 28 Libra-Aries on 27 September (9:30 pm PDT).

Jupiter-Uranus is a 14-year Cycle.  It began June 2010 at 1 Aries, “A woman just risen from the sea, embraced by a seal: Emergence of new forms, and of the potentiality of consciousness.”  A Cycle Blooms at its Opposition, which for this Jupiter-Uranus Cycle spans December 2016 to October 2017. 

The Can-Opener, when we were first confronted with the Blooming of these New Forms, occurred in late December 2016.  In early March we got to have a closer look, and a better Opportunity to see how they fit us.  The current repetition is a Confidence-Builder, where we get to wear these New Forms with more Confidence.  Can you Identify, in Feelings and Domains more than nouns and adjectives, your own New Forms?  We want to keep our description general so we don’t pin them down like a dead Moth.  Sit with those Feelings and Domains for a few minutes, so you can Anchor them into your Life and Identity more.

We didn’t write specifically about the Jupiter-Uranus Can-Opener when it occurred, but we did write about it at length in March…

If we stretch the Limits of our Sensitivity to four Degrees (Stretching any Limits is absolutely appropriate with Chaos Stationary, but we can freely stretch Sensitivity to at least six Degrees whenever we consider long-term impacts), we’re currently Experiencing not just…

Jupiter Opposite Uranus, which will Expand our Ego’s Relationship to our Soul,


Jupiter-Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris, which implies a Major Rebirth of our Awareness of the Truth of our Multidimensional Selves. 

Perhaps Rebirth of 5D and more, in other words.

We consider the Opposition to be the Blooming of a Cycle, not the Fruiting.  The Fruiting waits until the Phitile, 222:30 Degrees.  The Phitile Angle is the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry, the Angle most prominent in the Geometry of Nature (  The Phitile isn’t used much in astrology because it’s even more difficult to detect than the other “minor” Angles (Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, etc. Harmonics) that aren’t divisible by 30.  There’s a table of Phitiles at .

The Jupiter-Uranus Phitile will be reached in late December 2018.  At this point we will begin to Let Go of our New Forms, in order to Set Seed for our subsequent Jupiter-Uranus Adventure, which won’t begin until 2024 on the 3D manifold.  If we’re still stuck on the 3D-5D fence by then, we may get another chance to drag our hind foot across, as the next Jupiter-Uranus Cycle begins at 22 Taurus, “White dove flying over troubled waters: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.”  Of course that’s just the view from 3Dsville.

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