Surrendering to the Unknown V – Chaos I

Oho, somebody’s been reading Naomi Klein and John Perkins…

Jim Rickards says that the bookstore in the CIA’s Langley headquarters carries John’s books but not his own.

We’re well into the Station of dwarf planet Chaos, which is Exact 25 September (1am PDT) at 24 Gemini.  The Fixed Stars Procyon (Blessings that Expire Quickly) and Pollux (The Darker Side of Duality) are the Stars of the Chaos-Station chart, as they Complete the Air Grand Trine (Grace around mental issues) and the Grand Unx (Ease at Manifestation).  We’re quite familiar with the 21-27 Degree Zone, as everyone who’s anyone is Dancing there…

  • Nodes at 23 Leo-Aquarius (Where we’re coming from and where we’re going)
  • Mercury at 22 Virgo (Critical or Analytical Analysis)
  • Hopi-Haumea-Jupiter at 21-27 Libra (Expansive Rebirth into Respect for All Things)
  • Klotho at 25 Scorpio (Rebuilding a Profound Process)
  • Saturn-Ixion-Lilith-Pholus at 22-27 Sagittarius (The Most Important Thing Is to Be Responsive to the Self-Sovereignty of our Forbidden Genius)
  • Nemesis at 23 Capricorn (Ego Demise)
  • Chiron at 27 Pisces (Empathizing with Pain)
  • Eris at 24 Aries (Facing Truth)
  • Sedna at 27 Taurus (Embracing Fear)
  • Chaos Stationary Retrograde at 24 Gemini (Limitless Change)
  • Fixed Stars Procyon and Pollux at 24-26 Cancer (Facing Up to Recognizing that What You’re Manifesting Is a Mirror for Who You Are, and Choosing Liberation)

Chaos is not about Disharmony, it’s about Limitlessness.  It particularly Challenges our sense of the Possible.  If we aren’t in Bliss it’s because someone is Stealing our Life Energy.  In a World of Self-Sovereignty that thief could only be once person – as Pogo famously said, “We have found the Enemy and It Is Us.”  How is it we could Want a Hurricane?  Because it could lead us to the Untold Wealth of our True Self.  It’s not about Discipline; it’s about Changing our Vibration.

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