Surrendering to the Unknown II

One of the principle roots of astrology is the Cycle.  We talk about the month-long Lunar Cycle frequently, when we introduce the New Moon as the Beginning of an iteration of the Moon-Sun Cycle and the Full Moon as the Blooming of that Cycle.  A New Moon (Conjunction) is a Sun-Moon Initiation.  The Sun is in the role of Mentor, and the Moon in the role of Messenger.  The New Moon begins a period of Growth as the Message is spread.  The Full Moon (Opposition) begins a period of Transformation as the Message matures, is integrated with All Else, and is then Let Go, so a new Cycle can begin.

We’re now at the beginning of a new 4.3-year Cycle between asteroid Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and dwarf planet Hylonome (Merging-Unmerging with Archetypes).  This is an important Cycle for anyone seeking Enlightenment or Ascension, because while you might be able to take your Money with you when you Die (in the form of “Abundance Karma“), you can’t take Karmic Baggage with you into Enlightenment, as only carry-on is allowed.

Here’s the chart of the 21 September (6am PDT) Hylonome-Juno Initiation…

We talked about the Sappho T-Square in the previous post.  The Hylonome-Juno Initiation is also Square (Challenge to Mastery) to the budding Makemake-Vesta Initiation…

…which occurs 24 September at 5pm PDT and begins a three-year Cycle on “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion: The necessity to unite with kindred spirits as one enters unbeaten paths illumined by the still-insecure light of a dawning intuition of new values.”

The Vesta-Makemake Cycle is about how – and Whether – our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs (Vesta) impact our Ability to Manifest (Makemake).  We can Plan/Execute and PIAVA all we want on something, but if we have Unconscious Beliefs that won’t allow it, we spin our wheels.  Of course All Prayers Are Answered, but if we aren’t Ready to Receive what we’re PIAVAing, what we’ll get instead is an illustration of why we haven’t Manifested it Effortlessly all along.  Which is why we, after we Change the Subject, have to Pay Attention (

Which is rather incredible; a Hylonome-Juno Initiation that will show us what is keeping our Glass Darkly, is Challenged by a Makemake-Vesta Initiation that will show us what Limits our Creativity – along with the message that we need to unite with kindred spirits to help us decode all of the information we’ll be getting.  It’s not easy to Create a Mutually Constructive Ego-Transcendence, even with one other person, let alone a group.  But is it ever Productive! 

Guide your group with a Crystal of Manganotantalite…

Manganotantalite has the Power to help you phrase what you observe about others in a way that will be Received as helpful.  That’s very important, because it’s our Judgments of another that indicate where we both have Limiting Beliefs; we just both need to be Neutral enough to Accept them at face value, be Honest about them, and then translate them from Judgment to Loving Observation.  This Crystal group happens to be shaped like a pistol for shooting down Egos, but it’s actually a Transmogrifier gun, transmuting Self-Rejection into Self-Love.

Manganotantalite may not be that easy to find; Lu Barbosa ( has been a reliable source, but Dan Weinrich ( may also be able to locate some; email them and ask them to keep an eye out for you.  If anyone locates a cache, let me know, and I’ll pass it on.

Another standout Configuration in the Hylonome-Juno Initiation is the interlocking Fingers of God (advising Pay Attention!) pointing at OR10-Nessus (Intrusive Memories of Abuse or Privilege) and Varuna (the Life Force).  These are both very strong clues. 

The first-named tells us to Let Go of our Habit of Avoiding such Memories, which may come in any form, even nausea or a sense that we’re getting sick.  If something catches and holds your Attention, Open your Heart and follow it.  Searching for an appropriate illustration to add to Intuitive Confidence VI – New Moon (, I was compelled to watch several Holocaust and Vietnam War videos, for instance.

Feeling Excited and Enlivened also points the way to Breakthroughs, as does feeling Dull and Enervated.  Go after the latter mercilessly with Poor-Sweethearts (  Like PIAVAs, Poor-Sweethearts are Miracle workers.  You may not feel much of anything when you do them, but if you Change the Subject and then later Pay Attention, you’ll usually see that unexpected Shifts have occurred, usually so subtle that you hardly if at all noticed them while they were occurring.

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