Surrendering to the Unknown I

We enter a new Calendar ( for the last week of September…

20-28 September 2017

Hylonome Initiates Juno in 5 Capricorn on 21 September (6am PDT).

September Equinox on 22 September (1am PDT).

Chaos turning Retrograde in 24 Gemini on 25 September (1am PDT).

Jupiter Opposes Uranus in 28 Libra-Aries on 27 September (9:30 pm PDT).

Pluto turning Direct in 17 Capricorn on 28 September (12:30 pm PDT).

The Hylonome-Juno Initiation, if we so Choose, can have a Powerful impact on our Efforts and Desires to Liberate ourselves from our Karmic Archetypal Limiting Beliefs.  Unfortunately, the way we bring these Karmic Archetypal Limiting Beliefs into Consciousness, which is usually a prerequisite to Liberation, is by Acting them Out again and again till we notice that we’re endlessly repeating the same Strategies and Actions and expecting different Outcomes.  The Initiation occurs at 5 Capricorn, Indians perform a War Dance in their canoe on the way to Battle.”

So some people will – or already are – Act Out their War Dance.  Remember that these people make hay on Disaster of any sort, because in their paradigm rebuilding adds to GDP, and if they’re in Construction it goes right to their bottom line.  Sociopaths don’t give a shit about The People (though they may be clever enough to recognize that they need to pretend like they do), only their own bottom line.  This Cycle runs until January 2022.

For those of us who want to Ascend out of our Archetypes rather than make hay from them, the Critical Issue will be Self-Love, as the Heart of the Hylonome-Juno Initiation chart is a T-Square to Sappho.  The Stress (Opposition under the T-Square) will be between Intrusive Memories of Abuse (Nessus-OR10) and whether or not we Allow our Values to Change (Venus-Atropos) from Fear and Avoidance of more Abuse, or Revenge (Mirroring the Abuse), to Self-Loving Empathy for ourselves and other Victims of the Abuse – including the Victims of those who profit from the Suffering of The People.

As Naomi Klein and John Perkins so clearly point out, their methodology is to set up their own catastrophes (such as War) or take advantage of natural disasters or other calamities (such as the Derivatives Crisis in 2007-8), then commit government funds to rebuilding.  Title to the rebuilt property goes to the Perps and their collaborators, while the debt to pay for it goes to The People.  In the case of 2007-8, they didn’t even bother to rebuild, they just took the cash straightaway.  Being Victimized by this ancient Political trick is one of the Archetypes that we as a Culture need to bring into Consciousness and Abolish – by going on the Warpath to Refuse to Accept War and ongoing Abuse of the Planet, for instance.

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