Intuitive Confidence VI – New Moon

New Moon in 28 Virgo on 19 September (10:30 pm PDT)…

The strongest element in this New Moon is yet another Instruction from Headquarters that we become fully Responsive to not only our Survival Instincts, but also to our Self-Sovereignty (the New Moon is one foot of a T-Square to Lilith-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center, with Forbidden Genius Ixion only a Degree off).  That’s very close to what the Antichrist called for at the UN today; unfortunately that’s not what Headquarters means. 

Headquarters was referring to Maria and the Mexican Earthquake, not the Bullies whose Egos can’t stand that someone else might have bigger hands.  The other member in the equation is the need for Self-Empathy (Chiron as the other foot of the T-Square), and neither Self-Sovereignty nor Self-Empathy has anything to do with anyone except ourself.  Self-Empathy looks like “I’m Scared,” not “You’re Toast.”

We’re lucky (assuming we don’t Live in the Caribbean) that the Message is that this is really a Gift (the T-Square is part of a Diamond Star – a Challenge Made Easier), if we Pay Close Attention to the Instructions from Headquarters (the Finger of God pointing to the Lilith-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center Stellium).  Grace comes to us (the Trine Bridges) through Fear (Sedna) and the Truth of our Memories of all the times we’ve been down this dead end before (the Ceres-Aletheia-Mnemosyne Stellium).  Curiously, the Expansion of our Yintegrity is also relevant, but we see that only through a glass darkly (Quincunx Bridges to Uranus and Jupiter).

A second T-Square supports the motion, saying clearly that we make Survival Sustainable by facing Truth and Remembering what happened the last time we had a pissing contest (T-Square focused on the Ceres-Aletheia-Mnemosyne Stellium).  The Antichrist’s Archetypes allow it to see neither Truth nor Outcomes.  We move toward Sustainability by Expanding our Yintegrity (the feet of the second T-Square are Jupiter and Uranus). 

This second T-Square is Eased only by Curiosity (it’s Bridged only by Quincunxes and Tricolors).  It will, however, Educate us about our Relationship to Community and Spirit (the Jupiter-Stellium side of the T-Square forms the base of a Mjölnir to Neptune).

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