Pholus-Quaoar VI

Here are some Pholus-Quaoar-appropriate excerpts from Marilyn Raffaele’s latest Arcturian Channelings…

After a while it will be moved to…

“All mankind must realize that the planet was never created for people to selfishly use and abuse.  The idea of ‘dominion over’ was the result of many mistranslations of the word ‘shepherding’ long ago.  It is time for all to understand that everyone, all life forms as well as Gaia herself, are in and of the One Divine Consciousness while never excluding self from this totality through some false sense of unworthiness.

“It is a time of change for everyone, for the awakened as well as the un-awakened.  Long established manifestations of duality and separation are being exposed and dissolved by the ever increasing presence of high dimensional frequencies.  Light will always serve to expose the shadow much as the shining of a flashlight into dark corners illuminates what was previously unseen.

“Personal tragedy is often the only way some people will wake up and shift out of a comfortable but un-aware state of consciousness.  You are witnessing this with the the fires and floods.  Weather events need not always be so destructive, but because humans are ignorant of their creative abilities, they elaborate, discuss, and fill the atmosphere with fear and dire predictions whenever these occasions arise.  Remember always–you are creators.”

“Some (not everyone) presently suffering from great loss lived from a sense of separation believing themselves to be better than, less than, more evolved, more worthy, etc. than everyone around them.  To suddenly find themselves in the same situation as those they felt superior or inferior to, is providing profound attitude adjustments and spiritual growth for those who would not of otherwise been receptive to ideas of connection and oneness.”

“To send Light means acknowledging the true nature of another no matter how deeply it may be hidden.  To hold the Light means resting in the Light of your true self.  When you do this or send Light to a person or place, visualize golden/white Light.  Have no specific purpose other than to send and enfold another with high resonating Light because Light is conscious and knows what is needed far better than some human concept.  Light is not sent to fix something but rather to illuminate and release the hidden perfection already present.”

“Send Light to the so called ‘leaders’ and authority figures of the world.  Send it to all those who are suffering whether it be of their own making or from circumstances seemingly beyond their control.  Visualize and send Light to Gaia and all her kingdoms, recognizing and acknowledging their Divinity.

“Be the Light in every conversation and activity regardless of how seemingly mundane through the realization that all activity is spiritual activity, none more spiritual than another.  Live, move, and have your being in and as who and what you really are.  This is healing work and is how you bring more Light to a world hungry for it.”

“With much love, respect, and appreciation for your willingness to experience and grow in order to assist others–“

Yes, the Antichrist needs Light too, more than anyone.  I’m impressed by his feint to the Democrats, tired as they are.

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