Pholus-Quaoar IV

Here’s our Pholus-Station chart again…

In our previous posts we’ve talked about the Stellium (Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center-Ixion-Lilith grouping, in the lower right), the Grand Cross (red square, Stellium-Chiron-Chaos-Vesta), and the T-Square (separate red triangle, Ceres/Aletheia on Jupiter/Haumea-Uranus/Eris Opposition).  These are all pretty intense.

But the most important Configuration in the chart may be the Kite (outlined in blue, in its traditional diamond shape, sitting bolt upright in the chart).  A Kite is a Grand Cross (Dumb-Luck Grace) with Directionality appended to it.  The Energy in this Kite is moving from Self-Love (Sappho at the bottom) toward Fear (Sedna at the top).  Notice how the Kite Unifies the Grand Cross and the T-Square, as it Connects, with Great Grace (Trine, blue line), the Focus of the T-Square (Ceres-Aletheia) with the Transformation-of-Pain (Chiron) in the Grand Cross. 

Notice too how it forms a Flying Squirrel with one square from the Grand Cross (Stellium-Chiron) and one short side of the T-Square triangle (Ceres/Aletheia-Jupiter/Haumea).  We talked about the Flying Squirrel Configuration in Big Doin’s This Week III  (  This one says Pay Attention to Lovingly Embracing Your Fear about Earth Changes and Your Rebirth, and to any Obstacles to your Attention.  The Obstacles are likely to be about Letting the Earth Changes Take Your Power, and Letting Go of any Limiting Beliefs about the Sustainability of your Rebirth.

That is, Pay Attention (the Sedna Yod) to Lovingly Embracing (the Sappho Tail of the Squirrel) Your Fear (Sedna) about Earth Changes (Stellium) and Your Rebirth (Jupiter-Haumea), and to any Obstacles to your Attention (the Squares).  The Obstacles (Squares) are likely to be about Letting the Earth Changes Take Your Power (Stellium-Chiron), and Letting Go of any Limiting Beliefs about the Sustainability of your Rebirth (Ceres/Aletheia-Jupiter/Haumea).

We recommend Poor-Sweethearting any Fears, and Overwhelm or Helplessness, and Tapping to reduce the Intensity of the Emotions if necessary to Restore your Neutrality.  Appropriate Action won’t have the Intended Result if you don’t Initiate it from Neutrality.

The central Sedna-Sappho Fear-Love axis is also the central axis of a Yin Gate (the two adjacent heavy green Xs).  Yin Gates recall, are about Accepting Paradox.  If you encountered a Lost Child in Fear, what would you do?  Reassure them Verbally that they’re Safe now, warm and feed them, and gingerly test to see how much Physical Contact is Reassuring to them, moment to moment, perhaps?  While they will undoubtedly be in their Abandonment, they may also be in their Suffocation, so if you assume that their Boundary Issues are the same as yours, and Project your own Abandonment onto them, that will likely only Traumatize them more, and probably cause them to Withdraw. 

This is how you want to treat yourself.  Your Forbidden Genius is indeed a Lost Child.  As an Adult, you have Expectations that most parts of yourself should “act like one.”  That may actually be part of your Forbidden Genius’s difficulty, if they were told by their betters that they needed to “Act Like [their programmers’ interpretation of] an Adult” before they were one.  So when you first Contact your Abandoned Genius, they will have the intellectual and Emotional maturity of the age when they were Exiled.  No worries – once you Contact them, they will Grow rapidly, because your Adult Skillset will bleed through to them quickly.  But in the interim, they will need your Gentle and Loving Parenting, Parenting that’s Sensitive to Their Needs moment to moment.

We’re used to dealing with other Adults.  “Maturity” often involves making Decisions about Who We Are and Who We Aren’t, partly in order to present a Consistent facade to Others.  Those are Judgments, and Judgment is not Loving.  Judgment Separates.  We need to Love all of our Lost Children Unequivocally, most especially our Forbidden Genius – they’ve been Exiled all this time because we Collaborated with our Programmers to make Judgments about what was and wasn’t Acceptable.  It will take them a while to Learn to Trust us again, and we need to give them that Space, withdrawing our Explicit Attention when they need privacy without Withdrawing our Unconditional Love for them.

These are a few of the Paradoxical Lessons we’re being called to Learn here by this Yin Gate.  There will be more.  The nature of Paradox is that we “haven’t thought of it yet.”  If we want to seek them out we can Wonder about the four Quincunxes (heavy green lines)…

  • I Wonder if it’s possible to Love Limitlessness (Sappho-Chaos)
  • I Wonder if I’ll still be Scared after I’m Reborn (Jupiter/Haumea-Sedna)
  • I Wonder if I’m Scared that I’ll fail at Responsibility (Stellium-Sedna)
  • I Wonder how often I’ll remember to Unconditionally Love my New Self (Sappho-Uranus/Eris)

These are the Fears that Marilyn Raffaele’s Channel spoke of last week when they advised that it would be difficult to keep one foot in each World, and that Raphael Awen referred to when he recommended against “burdening ourselves with choosing a career, or looking for a way to ‘earn a living.’ ”  So then, who will feed us?

A core principle of Magnetic Creativity (PIAVA) is to Focus on Outcomes (What), and let Mechanisms (How) evolve on their own.  For me at least, that’s difficult Programming/Karma/Limiting Belief/Archetype to Transcend.  Energy Follows Attention, and if we invest our Attention in Mechanisms we’ll be very likely to Manifest what we’ve Manifested before – we aren’t Changing the Subject, we’re letting Olde Mind try to map the path into the Unknown.  It doesn’t work.  Better to Imagine how it might Feel when we arrive at what we Want, whether it’s Safety, Abundance, Self-Respect, Yintegrity, or a Hamburger.  No matter What it is we Want, if we can’t Manifest Passion for it, our Creativity Engine will lack fuel.

There is also a second Yin Gate in the Pholus-Station chart, wrapped around the Opposition between our Big Rebirth (Jupiter-Haumea) and our Open Connection to our Soul (Uranus-Eris).  Two of its green lines are drawn lightly, so it’s harder to see; you’ll see the second, canted, vertical blue rectangle more easily.  Definitely Fears here; to the extent that our Forbidden Genius is Forbidden, in the past we’ve been Punished for Expressing our True Self, and we’ll have to Empathize with the Victim of that Punishment. 

Imagine our New Selves Sliding Out of the Birth Canal, Standing Up, and Walking Away, each step worth a year of growth for a “normal” infant.  By the time we’ve taken about twenty steps, we Stop, Look Around, and Wonder WTF?  Don’t Attend to what you See, but Attend, Creatively and Assertively, to What you Feel.  If you don’t Feel Ecstatic, Theta it…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command to Feel, Now, the Ecstasy that I will Feel when I am Free to Enjoy and Express and Embrace All of My True Self without Hesitation.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess! … Show Me.”

If your “Show Me” gives you anything other than Ecstasy, Locate the Feeling in your Body and be Loving and Gentle with it.  Tap it Out if necessary.  Fear is Cold and Hard; Love is Soft and Warm.  Put you Hand on that place in your Body, Warm it, Imagine it Softening.  Need to modify your Theta?  Maybe “…when I am Safe to Enjoy…” instead of “…when I am Free to Enjoy…”?  You may not get all the way to Ecstasy in one sitting; strive for Neutrality at least, Change the Subject, then come back in a few days, Pay Attention to anything Unusual that occurred in the interim, then Theta or otherwise PIAVA it again.

Daniel Scranton’s Channeling for today includes…

“You have been convinced over the years by parents, teachers, governments, and other authority figures that it is important for you to achieve and accomplish as much as you can through your actions.  It is the masculine energy taken to an extreme.  To think that everything that can and will be achieved will be done so through your actions is to limit yourselves tremendously.

“You want to use all of your powers, not just the tangible ones, not just the identifiable gifts that you have.  Your ability to receive is very closely tied to your ability to hold a vibration.  Holding a vibration and staying in a place of expectation are the tools that are necessary to receive so much more than what you can do with your physical bodies, but you are not taught that in schools.  You are essentially taught to be workers and possibly thinkers.”

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