Pholus-Quaoar I

Here’s some important Perspective from Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends…

“Your identity is shifting, as you become more of who you are, and as you know this to be a truth in your reality there is nothing anyone, including your higher self, can take from you.  And that is important for your ego to understand.  Your ego is not being swept aside in favor of your higher self.  Your ego and your higher self are merging, giving you a whole new identity, a new sense of self.”

And a somewhat Challenging note on our Forbidden Genius from Raphael Awen…

“Part of you may feel insignificant.  Part of you may feel like the opposite of any kind of greatness.  If that’s true, then truly being yourself would require starting there wouldn’t it?  It did for me…  These parts of us, whom I believe we all have, are not the limitation [that prevents] us from achieving greatness, but rather the doorway into our true greatness.  As we feel and heal the first domains of our sovereignty, our own insides, we just become more and more life; alive energy that is our deepest service to the world. 

“Ignoring this reality and then burdening ourselves with choosing a career, or looking for a way to ‘earn a living,’ or living by a ‘get ahead’ mantra is a sure way to keep this 3D suffering intact.  You ARE a powerful calling waiting upon your choice in order to ‘happen.’ “

Well, I’ve read about folks who Trusted the Universe to Provide, but I’m not there yet.  As one of my Teachers, Nancy Rubin (, put it thirty years ago, when she tried Trusting the Universe to Provide, folks gave her a lot of Zuchini.  Nothing wrong with Zuchini of course, and of course I’m only Receiving another Opportunity to Embrace my Limiting Beliefs about Being Responsible to Survival.

We’ve gotten some remarkable feedback from that Moira article (  Here’s a sample…

“That chart for the Moira in relationships…has assisted my understanding of the relationships in my life that have been exiled, as well as relationships that were truly fated….  Thank you immensely for this gem.
The information opened the door wide and acceptance, understanding and ability to move the view easily came, and has opened or freed space within my heart.  I have sat with this and given deep gratitude to you for this truly life changing knowledge that you so lovingly shared with the world.
This morning, while on my gratitude walk, tears came flowing…so grateful is my open heart to finally FINALLY free myself from some very old patterned beliefs.  This has set free the deep grief that had been planted by myself along this way.
I am so amazed at how this informative post totally set a new stage upon which I can direct differently.”

Namaste!  I know that they’re a profound Healer themselves.  Meanwhile, we’re PIAVAing that every post be TranceReFormative on some level for every reader.  Writing them often puts me through my paces.  For instance, an “error” about the Chiron-Pluto Cycle led me on a “Wild Goose chase” through World War II, accompanied by quite a bit of Letting Go.  I can see how Survival Responsibility is Lit Up by the compulsion I’ve had to follow Irma around.  Pholus-Quaoar Completes one of my T-Squares.

Mom has completed the Element suite; the Earthquakes have arrived (magnitude 8, off the Pacific coast of southern Mexico on 7 September).  For emphasis She’s even Lit Up the Etheric Element, with a Big Solar Flare ( that created Auroras as far south as Arkansas, on the same Latitude as Cyprus…

This Auroral Eagle wasn’t seen from Arkansas but from Finland, by Jani Ylinampa…It looks a lot like the same warmongering Prussian Eagle that the Deep State has been putting on US postage stamps for the last six years or so, but remember that the chart for the current Century is largely (in addition to the Polarization) about A Flag (Nationalism) turning into an Eagle (Farseeing Perspective) turning into a Rooster Celebrating EnLightenment.  Finland of course has a deep history with both the Prussian Eagle and the two-headed Russian Eagle.

 On 30 December 1999 Pluto (Trance-Re-Formation) Initiated (Granted Shaktipat to) Chiron (Transforming Victimhood into Power) at the 12-Sagittarius Degree that sports the Flag-Eagle-Rooster Symbol.  Today the 70-year Chiron-Pluto Cycle is approaching the Waxing Quintile (Learning) stage.  So the Eagle is our Teacher about Empowerment.  Reminiscent of the Sea-Eagle that flew over here during the 21 August Total Solar Eclipse, heading east (toward the Light) – the first Sea-Eagle I’ve seen here; our local Eagles are usually of the Bald persuasion.

While the Antichrist distracts everyone with his inane antics, it destroys decades of progress on consumer, environment, and worker protections (which the Greedheads call “regulations” – they want to get rid of them so they can rip us all off and send us the bill).  And while BadHaircut distracts everyone with nuclear games, we don’t even notice that warfare is different now…

But there has also been some exciting progress on the Survival Responsibility fronts.  Paul Hawken’s Drawdown research project for instance has determined that educating women and girls will reduce global warming by as much as tropical reforestation, and carefully managing refrigerants will reduce it by half again as much as that...

And National Geographic has a fascinating and inspiring story about Food in the Netherlands…

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