Big Doin’s This Week III

I keep bouncing off of thoughts about this, so I better scoot them off in your direction…

Then the Full Moon on 6 September (12 am PDT), on the Eurydike-Neptune Opposition (Trust Spirit) near the Virgo-Pisces Midpoint, which makes another Flying Squirrel Configuration.

Then ten hours later Nemesis (Ego Death) goes Direct, at 22 Capricorn, followed fourteen hours after that by the Station of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) in 24 Sagittarius.  In these Degrees we unleash the same almost-Grand-Unx Pattern that we saw in the Saturn Station at .

I’ve already used Elsa’s Let-It-Go suggestion to reverse a minor physical condition I’ve been concerned about for the last few weeks. 

If thoughts are balloons floating around like cartoon conversations, then pictures must be herds of them, thousands strong.  Here’s our Full Moon Flying Squirrel Confefe…

The Moon (Instinct, Manifestation), with Neptune (Cultural Unconscious, Spiritual Clarity, Material Confusion), is the head, and the Sun (the Heart of the Matter), with asteroid Eurydike (Trust), is the tail.  The forepaws are Pallas (Boundaries) and Pluto (Transformation, Trance Reformation); the hindpaws are Hopi (Respect for All Things) and Venus-Veritas (Weighing our Values against the standard of Truth).

So, what does a Flying Squirrel Configuration indicate?  It’s three major but smaller Configurations overlaying one another.  First there’s the Square Fez (Challenges Resolved through Curiosity), then the Kite (Dumb-Luck Grace Focused in a particular Direction), and finally the Finger of God (Pay Attention!) that strengthens the Kite’s Directionality.  It’s Symmetrical across one axis (here Magnetic, Virgo-Pisces) but not the other (here Dynamic, Gemini-Sagittarius).  The primary Energy Flow is toward Moon-Neptune in Pisces.

That says “Pay Attention to Letting Go of any Obstacles you have to Manifesting What You Need through PIAVAing (and of course through any other Magnetic process that PIAVA seems to exclude).  Using Dynamic means would be off Balance.  The two planets at the top of the Kite, and focus of the Finger of God – Moon and Neptune, are also both Magnetic, putting a few exclamations behind the interpretation. 

The Focus is Water, and the Grand Trine is Earth, so we’re looking at the Emotional result of Material Manifestation.  That probably isn’t Security, as is often the goal of Manifestation, but Synchrony.  When we’ve been Struggling to Manifest something, and then break through, we Feel like the various parts of ourself are getting on the same page.  Pisces is about Finishing up a major Project, so we might be bold enough to tentatively agree with Dan and his Arcturian friends, that we’re getting close to Letting Go of our Obstacles to 5D.

Do we get any hints about the remaining Obstacles?  Yes, the Squares in the Square Fez will inform us.  There’s Pluto-Hopi – are we Allowing the Transformation of any remaining Obstacles to Respect for All Things?  “Coincidentally,” Brenda Hoffman wrote about that just a few hours ago, using the framework of perps, victims, and caretakers…

And there’s Pallas to Venus-Veritas; do our Boundaries match the Truth of our Values?  Marilyn Raffaele spoke of this in her Channeling last week…

“Because you now know that you are creators, you must honestly ask yourselves; ‘What am I choosing to create?’  Do you intend to continue creating images of duality and separation simply because the world says it is the reality or because these things are familiar and comfortable? … The time has come to rest in truth, be the truth, and live the truth, releasing every remaining concept or belief built upon beliefs of separation from Source.”

But “Fake It till you Make It” doesn’t feel in synch with asteroid Veritas.  This week it’s more about using our Honesty for a Searching and Fearless Inventory of where we still have Separation Values, where we still lack Respect for All Things.  Then looking to see what part of our Self we still Reject.  Whatever we don’t Respect is a Mirror – a Funhouse Mirror – for some part of ourself which still hasn’t “Earned” our Self-Love.  But Self-Love isn’t Earned – it’s Granted.

Funhouse Mirrors are tricky.  We usually can’t just take something we fail to Respect and translate it literally to ourself.  It’s usually at the very least “or something like that.”  For instance, what is it about the Antichrist that I React to?  We could start with its Sociopathy of course, and its constant Exaggerating and Lying, and its ostentatious Wealth, not to mention its Celebration of us-them Separation.  That should give us enough to Work on for starters.  Plus noticing that I’m not even willing to grant it Humanity. 

So what are my True Values around Sociopathy, Truthfulness, Wealth, and Inclusion?  I hear my mother’s Voice very clearly here – that means that what I Believe to be my Values may actually be hers, and may or may not be mine.  Does my Behavior match these Values?  Am I Self-Loving, or Self-Judging, about my Behaviors around Compassion, Truth, Generosity, and Inclusion?  We usually think of Boundaries as being between us and Other, but there are also Boundaries between Values and Behaviors, and my Emotional Reactions to my own Behaviors will inform me about those Boundaries, and about the Truth of my Values, which may always be a “work in progress.”  This is a Powerful week for homework.

4 Responses to “Big Doin’s This Week III”

  1. Nikoletta Says:

    You have been beyond stellar these last few weeks, and I can’t quite express how grateful I am to all of your insightful interpretations of this crazy time. And I always appreciate your viewing of current events especially in this bizarre time of the “antichrist” (so apt). I have a question about your recent posts on Moira – how do you view this asteroid and aspect in a chart in combination (transiting, natal, etc.) along with karma? Do they share a relation / “speak” to one another in some way? And what does it mean if natal Moira is about to conjunct transiting Moira? (As mine is in my chart?)
    I see a lot of connection but I’m not quite sure how to interpret it.
    Most grateful for your insight, as always!

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Nikoletta, Thanks for your kind words! Namaste!
    Moira vs. Karma: We’re all rookies on these animals, so I’m making this up as I go, but a transit to or by Karma might Light Up our Karmic *Material*, so would be a good time to *notice* recurring Patterns, esp. Self-Sabotaging Patterns. A transit to or by Moira might be more about *the Opportunity to Change* – we might Change spontaneously, or newly *notice* that we have Choices. We also have Juno (potentially New Material Moving into Consciousness), Hylonome (Becoming Aware that we’re Merged with someone or something), Vesta (Limiting Beliefs), and OR10 (Intrusions into Consciousness), all variations on the same theme. I focus on these Edges, so these folks probably have many interpretations outside of this theme; we need to watch them to scope out recurring Patterns. I welcome suggestions.
    Natal Moira v. Transiting Moira: a Moira Return, as discussed in (first paragraph).

  3. boozilla Says:

    I second Nikoletta! your insights have been quite literally life saving these past weeks. I ponder my OWN feelings toward the Antichrist (*i* call him the LPV)….and have come to the thought that perhaps now that I can accept the concept of having been that unconscious and ***hole-ish at some point, it is still proper to find the actions of same unacceptable. While we ought not condemn things out of hand I think we can refuse abuse. Which of course covers a lot of ground and magnetics! Baby steps…….

  4. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Boozilla, Yes, I too hope that this is his Last Patient Visit, before they institutionalize him and give him all the Attention he Deserves. We’ve all been unconscious and assholish at many points. What about when we were literally snakes in the grass? What about when we were starving and everyone around us was dying of The Plague? To *everything* there is a season. We are All One; the notion that *our* Past Lives are different from anyone else’s, or fewer than everyone else’s, is just the Ego wanting to be Special. More Power to it, that’s what it does. But like you say (in so many words), we don’t need to Identify with any given part of it. And by all means can we Refuse Abuse, loudly and vigorously and persistently!

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