Eclipsalypse IV

Saturn (Focus) and Juno (Insight) down, Sedna (Fear) and Moira (Choice) to go.  We could see these remaining two Stations as a Moira-Sedna event, which would be about Choosing How to Respond to Fear.  We’re so used to our Held Emotions – the Emotions we usually Resist Feeling – that it will be so very Easy to think that whatever is Frightening us is “Real” – Moira means Fate after all.  But Fate is what happens when we aren’t Conscious of our Choices. 

Suppose you just walked by a convenience store without going in to spend that $1 buying the $1M lottery ticket with your name on it in invisible ink, because you were too busy mulling over how you were going to pay your bills.  That’s Fate.  Did the Intuition arise, “Hey, here’s a convenience store; maybe I should buy a lottery ticket!” but you Dismissed it immediately because you’ve never won before?  That’s Karma.  Now, if a Light Lit Up down the block and you went back and bought one, that’d be Free Choice and Consciousness. 

Sure, you’re ticket would not have won $1M, but that would be because you’re still Addicted to your Karma.  If you got Excited about where you were going to spend it all when you bought the ticket, that’s an excellent start.  Now, since Karma is Inertia, just Emotionally Reinforced Habit Patterns, how many times have you Dismissed the notion that someone might give you $1M?  Put those on one side of the Libra Scales, and put your temporary Excitement on the other side.  Also, add your Disappointment at buying a losing ticket to the Dismissal side.  How are your Scales Balanced?  Mine would be approximately ∞ to 10.

We spoke earlier about Learning Sales techniques; each Rejection is a step in the direction of Success.  Could we Respond that way to a losing lottery ticket, rather than with Disappointment and Self-Judgment (“Oh what a Fool I was to think…”)?  Those Responses would add quite a bit of weight to the “Why not me?” side of the Scale.  Since Karma is Dead, we don’t need to add (∞-10) to the “Why not me?” side to bring the Scale to Balance.  All we really need to do is spend a lot of time in Gratitude and a lot of time Enjoying the Feeling State we’d be in if we’d won.

Well, sure, we’d also have to Counterbalance all those thoughts about how the Scammers would descend upon us once we won, and all those thoughts and Feelings about the millions of folks in Poverty, and all the times we worried about how we were going to pay the bills.  So we do have our work cut out for us, but as they say, the longest journey begins with a single step, or whatever it is they say.  It could take several Lifetimes, so we better start now.  Changing Habit Patterns is like Compound Interest. 

If we started saving $5 a week when we were 20, even at today’s criminally paltry interest rates we’d have had more than $6,000 to leave to our heirs when that bus hit us at age 31.  If we waited till we were 25 to start saving, our heirs would have ended up with only $2,400 instead.  In my experience, because it’s a Virtuous Spiral (positive success multiplies future positive success) instead of a Vicious Spiral, the actual “interest rate” on Positive Change is more like hundreds of percent.  At “200% interest” we’d have $4 followed by 152 zeros after six years, and well over $1 followed by 279 zeros in eleven.

Pattern Change works like this.  In the Vicious Cycle we Notice that We Screwed Up again when our “bad” Karma attacks us with “bad luck” or when we “Fail” again.  So already we’ve Bummed Ourself Out.  In a Virtuous Cycle we Begin by Being Conscious of What We Want to Change.  Then when we Notice that the World didn’t bend to our Will again, We Congratulate Ourself for Noticing the Pattern. 

Now we’re facing the World with Neutrality (the Noticing) and some degree of Positivity (the Congratulating) rather than the Expectation of Doom, and we may be Conscious enough to be able to Choose how to Respond, rather than being Victimized by our usual Karmic Reactions.  Any different Response is enough to Shatter the Karmic Pattern, but by trying a variety of Responses and Noticing how the World Reacts, our Navigation tools bulk up quickly.  Now we aren’t just Breaking untoward Karma, we’re building Patterns that Actually Support What We Want.

We could even go Exponential by making this kind of Change to our Pattern of Noticing That We Screwed Up Again itself, rather than our Pattern of Noticing That We Screwed Up Again about That, whatever That is.  Now we’re talking about making significant Changes to our Self-Love.

So our assignment for the next several days is to Be Conscious that Fear may Arise – or its Surrogate, Anger – and Notice when it does.  Having Noticed, we can short-circuit the usual process of complicating events with our Reactions (for instance if we React huffily when someone insults us unintentionally, we’re the one poisoning the Relationship, not them).  Just Noticing-Stopping-Choosing (or Awareness-Breathing-Choosing, “ABC” as Dr. Kim puts it) in itself can make huge Changes in our Lives.  Imagine if the Antichrist started doing that!  Then we start to have real Choices.  For instance, we might Tap Out our Fear or Anger, or Poor-Sweetheart ourself, or even just say to ourself “Oh, there’s Fear again, I know you.”  

Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians have been talking about this for the last several days…

And here’s a Perspective on Fear and the Outer World, from Marianne Williamson…

  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥ 

Once we get through the Sedna and Moira Stations we sink right into the next Intense Complex, which peaks 5-6 September…

We start with Mercury going Direct again on 5 September (4:30 am PDT) in the same Degree as the Eclipse.

Then the Full Moon on 6 September (12 am PDT), on the Eurydike-Neptune Opposition (Trust Spirit) near the Virgo-Pisces Midpoint, which makes another Flying Squirrel.

Then ten hours later Nemesis (Ego Death) goes Direct, at 22 Capricorn, followed fourteen hours after that by the Station of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) in 24 Sagittarius.  In these Degrees we unleash the same almost-Grand-Unx Pattern that we saw in the Saturn Station at .

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