Eclipsalypse III

Here are the charts for this week’s Post-Eclipse Stations…

25 August, 5:08 am PDT.  Saturn Stationary in 22 Sagittarius

We covered this one pretty well in the first Eclipsalypse post.  We’ve put the major Angles and Configurations to Saturn directly in heavy lines, and other Angles in the same Degrees in lighter lines – otherwise there isn’t much white space left – or pink space.  Not sure why the pinkness, maybe some of the frequencies in my Full-Spectrum light bulb have burnt out, or maybe it’s gotten the not-so-blue bug to make it easier on my eyebones.  I think it is the light bulb, not the camera.

The Grand Unx Vacancy is at the top of the chart, Opposite the focus of the Sappho-Nodes T-Square at the bottom.  Our Karma and our Mission are Challenging our Self-Love.


26 August, 10:13 am PDT.  Juno Stationary in 3 Capricorn

We covered this one pretty well in as well.

27 August, 11:40am.  Sedna Stationary in 27 Taurus

We left some loose ends on this one, especially…

  • The Chiron (Letting Go of Pain) T-Square with Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar-Galactic Center (We have Orders from Headquarters to Recover our Forbidden Genius now; it’s critical if we are to Be Responsible to the Survival of the Planet)We actually covered this pretty well in  The Fire Grand Trine also touches the base of this T-Square, indicating that the Galaxy is sending Reinforcements, as many prominent Channels have been reporting.  It evolves into a Kite focused on the South Node, the ultimate source of much of the Pain we’re Challenged to Embrace.


31 August, 7:40 pm PDT.  Asteroid Moira Stationary in 10 Taurus

Here’s our Flying Squirrel, could well be Rocky, though that’d probably require us to discover a Bullwinkle Configuration.

One Response to “Eclipsalypse III”

  1. OM Says:

    This Saturn ruled Soul wrote this in 91
    Hope u don’t mind me sharing here…
    So happy Saturns in forward motion again…
    Thanks for your knowledge and sharing
    Mons Hill

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