Eclipsalypse II

Dr. Kim shares what I Believe is The fundamental Truth about Healing Disease, Discomfort, Difficulty, and Despair…

A lot like Poor-Sweethearting.  Dan and the Arcs share a parallel Perspective about things like our Frustrating Projects and the Antichrist…

We are sensing your expectation for something big to occur on your world, to initiate large changes.  And we want you to recognize that the path to big changes on your world is through the acknowledgement of the growth and evolution that you can become aware of within yourselves.  It is absolutely important for you to grant yourselves the acknowledgement that you deserve.

“Now, if you are looking for big changes within yourself before you hand out those words of appreciation, you are going to continue to wait.  First you must be willing to see that every small step forward for you is worthy of your own praise.  Then, with that appreciation, you will begin to see bigger changes within yourselves.  And then you can experience a big change in the external world.

“Looking outside of yourselves for the change while looking right past all of the positive changes that you’ve made in your own lives is not the way to get to where you are going.  Remember that the outer world will always be a reflection of what is going on within you, and it is far more important for you to be aware of what is going on within you than it is for you to be looking for evidence outside of you that humanity is evolving.

“You can synchronize yourself with a version of the human collective that is making steady progress, simply by acknowledging the progress that you make, the progress that you see in the ones around you, the ones who are closest to you.  And then the human collective will begin to reflect that to you as well.

“You all collectively co-create this world that you see and that you experience, and we know that you would like to see a much different world outside of yourselves.  And we just want you to know that you’re closer than you think. Trust us when we say that it will always be an inside job.”

If we study Sales, the first thing we learn is that not everyone wants or needs what we’re selling.  But there most likely are some people who want or need it, or even who just take pity on us.  Of course we need to Believe in the utility and value of our product, and it has to have enough utility and value to make the Sales effort worthwhile.  If we’ve established all that then, we can estimate what proportion of our Sales efforts will be successful.  Let’s say it’s ten percent.  That means nine out of ten prospects will turn us down.  So we learn to see each of those Rejections as a step toward the next Sale.

We can take a similar approach to our Frustrating Project that may be the Most Important Thing and probably has something to do with our Forbidden Genius and our Growth in Consciousness and our Free Will – each speed bump along the way to Manifesting it is a step toward Removing the Final Obstacle to its Success.

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