Big Eclipse IX

So far, the Lunar Supremacists are Darkening the Solar Supremacists pretty well, with a sizable piece of the Sun already Eaten.  I saw three Faeries darting about between the trees before the Eclipse even began.  I’m most impressed by how the Sun is so much brighter than usual, even when it’s almost half Occulted, and how the Sky is a slightly darker blue.  It’s subtle, but obvious next to the green of the Trees.  It’s very Silent already.  An Eagle just flew over, heading east (which symbolizes Enlightenment, by the way).  They aren’t rare here, but we don’t see more than one or two a year.

2 Responses to “Big Eclipse IX”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    so beautiful.. everything hushed…no extraneous noise.. beautiful alchemy, everything from the stirring waters sending mist through last nights air to morning birds– singing in muted key, confused by the moonlight in daybreak, an edging of a maple leaf shimmy with red and gold, amidst a cornucopia of cricket green leaves… as if to taunt- look at me, won’t you look at me…
    high hopes for those who sleepwalk through this dream.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    That “Look At Me” Leaf was a Faerie, as seen through the eyes of “Well, that can’t be, so it must be…” A twist on Douglas Adams’s SEP Field.

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