Big Eclipse VIII

Here’s a fascinating Video that doesn’t appear to be Photoshopped…

…though we don’t want to Confuse it with Resentment.

Anyone born between 1955 and 1958 will have their natal Pluto (Transformation, or Trance Re-Formation) under the Eclipse.  Your Voice will be Powerful in this Time Province, so don’t hold back.  The Eclipse Squares (Illuminates) Schwarzenegger’s Nodes (his Path in the Lifetime).

Donna Woodwell, at…

Points out that the Eclipse Opposes the USofA’s natal Moon (Instincts) and Conjoins the Donald’s natal Ascendant (How the Person is Seen by Others), and I’ll add that it Conjoins Steve Bannon’s natal Moon-Vertex (Channel) and Opposes his Vesta (Beliefs).  

We regard an Eclipse as an Enlightenment, because the best way to bring into Consciousness something that we hadn’t Differentiated from Background Noise, is to Remove it and then Restore it – one of those blinking Neon Signs that Jewel spoke of.  If you read Donna’s article, you’ll see that she has a more traditional approach, seeing an Eclipse as as literally Extinguishing.  But read on – she then talks about Jung’s concept of the Shadow, and an Eclipse’s Potential to Reveal it – exactly what we mean when we see an Eclipse as Illuminating.  (The Unconscious doesn’t do Duality – Endarkenment = Enlightenment.)

Here’s an excerpt from Donna’s article…

“Donald Trump was never the ‘enemy of progress.’  He was the right man, in the right place, at the right time.  In this sense, Trump is a man destined from birth to hold the projection of the collective shadow of our nation.  So that we can clean up our shit and move on to the next phase of our history.

“He’s holding up a mirror to see what’s broken within ourselves and within our society.  He’s a proverbial match that lights the bonfire, already stacked long before he arrived.  Now it’s our turn as a nation to ask the crucial questions: who are we as a nation, and what do we want to become?”

So, no Resentment, K?  Donna also points out the next Total Solar Eclipse that spans the US, this time from Texas to Maine, coincides in 2024 to the USofA’s Pluto Return.  When a planet Returns to it’s natal position, it restarts a whole New Adventure in the Life.  When the planet is Pluto, we aren’t likely to Recognize the Newbie as the same Entity.

At the end of Eclipse VI we listed the Stations that characterize the unstable wake turbulence following the Eclipse…

‘Then we need to quickly turn our Attention to the Adventures which follow and Challenge our Infant Self to make Choices it may not be ready for…

“24 August (ie, ~ 17-24 August) – Saturn Stationary turning Direct, informing us that we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing

“26 August (ie, ~ 22-26 August) – Juno Stationary turning Direct, Opening the Gate between Consciousness and the Unconscious

“27 August (ie, ~ 20-27 August) – Sedna Stationary turning Retrograde, Staying Present when we’re in Fear or Anger

I’ve since noticed that we need to add…

1 September (ie, ~ 26 August-1 September) – Moira Stationary turning Retrograde, tapping us on the shoulder and reminding us that Consciousness Behooves

Moira symbolizes Fate, and we know that Fate and Free Will are one of those Dualities that the Unconscious Cancels out; in the Unconscious Fate is Free Will.  Fate is what happens when we Live our Life Unconsciously, as the Victim of our Karmic Archetypes.  The claim that “no one is born hating” isn’t quite True, since Resentful and worse Karmic Archetypes are not at all uncommon.  Probably only Fear Archetypes (aka Limiting Beliefs) are more common than Resentful Archetypes, and Fear devolves into Anger as the Ego Learns to “Defend” itself against what it Fears (in truth it’s Offense).

So we could read the post-Eclipse week as The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Become Conscious (Juno) of our Fear (Sedna) so we don’t have to Live it (Moira).

Meanwhile, because we can’t expect everyone to Become Conscious, we should tread cautiously, because those who do “Choose” to Live their Fear on the 3D Hardcopy level, are likely to be armed and dangerous.  It actually is, on the Soul Level, a Choice, and as Donna implies about ‘Rump, Living anything on the 3D Hardcopy level is actually a good way to Bring it into Consciousness.

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