Big Eclipse III

So, here’s where most of the Big Eclipse Action is, 21-26 Degrees, as has so often been the case for the last several .. what – years, I think. 

Our two biggest Challenges are Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and Choice (asteroid Lachesis)… 

Which are the foci of the two T-Squares (red triangles).  There’s also a Grand Cross (red box with + in the center), but while Grand Crosses can Challenge us by keeping us very Busy, they aren’t usually as Confrontative or Frustrating as a T-Square…

  • The Challenge of Self-Love (Sappho T-Square) is about Taking Action (Mars) to Let Go (Atropos) of our Held Emotions (South Node) so that we can lunge toward our Mission (North Node) in the Lifetime.  “Held” Emotions are the Emotions which we dare not Feel, lest they shatter our current grasp on Life.  Unfortunately, they’re often Unconscious, but in Jewel’s interview in the previous post she talked about her Response to Feeling Offended (minutes 17-26); that’s an important clue to finding our Held Emotions.  “Letting Go” of them means Embracing them, Loving them to Death, or at the very least Poor-Sweethearting them.
  • The Challenge of Choice (Lachesis T-Square) is about Making the Choice to be Present with our True Self, the one hidden Deep Inside, the one that our Programmers told us not to Be (Ixion).  Jewel talks about this at length (minutes 8-16).  Our Fear that the Ego will shatter is an Upper Limit as Gay Hendricks would put it, equivalent to a Fear of going to Heaven (dwarf planet Chaos).  As Jewel says, “Fear is a thief.”  Ego shatters into that place where we Discover our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) – Jewel again, minutes 14-16.  And that’s The Most Important Thing we can do right now (Saturn, which is Stationary during the Eclipse)

The asteroid Lachesis measures the length of a Lifetime or Timeline.

  • If we do not Consciously Intervene in our own Growth, we are at the mercy of our Fate.  But we can Consciously Intervene.  We can PIAVA to be done with an Archetype.  Karma is Dead.  Our Karma does not Grasp us, our Ego Grasps it, because our Karma is what’s Known.  We need only Imagine Emptiness to Invite into our Lives that place beyond our Limiting Beliefs that we would call Home (Chaos).
  • Both Challenges are strongly Lit Up (by Fingers of God pointing at the foci of the T-Squares – the heavy green lines), but these are actually Great Blessings, as they greatly Ease the Challenge (a Finger of God pointing at the apex of a T-Square creates a Diamond Star, as the T-Square is grounded by the “bowl of Grace” underneath it – the heavy and light blue lines).
  • A Grand Cross is an Ouroboros, a Serpent eating its own Tail, and Living a Grand Cross feels like we are constantly chasing our own Tail, never quite catching up with ourself.  It can actually feel very Satisfying, as our Life is filled with Doing and with minor Successes.  We don’t have time to actually solve any problems, but we do extinguish the flare-ups as they occur.  Till they recur, which they always do.
  • The Eclipse Grand Cross starts with Re-Centering around the Values that Jewel spoke of, her Compass in the Wilderness (Venus).  Then it moves through the Anxiety or Discomfort she talked about, as we uncover what was previously Denied (Eris).  “Oh shit, is that me?”  That’s followed by an Ego Death (Nemesis), where we have to Choose between continuing this Discomfort or Opening to the Void that stretches from our Olde Ego to a New, unknown, one.  The next step is a Rebirth so Big that it takes our Breath away (Jupiter-Haumea).  We need to slap ourselves in the Butt to get our Breathing started again.  Recovering from that, we’ll be Called to check to see if our Values have Changed, and Re-Center ourself again.

The Blessings (heavy blue lines) in the 21-26-Degree Zone of the Eclipse chart are just about as good as it gets, as the interactions between the T-Squares and the Grand Cross create what we call a Grand Sextile, or six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac…

Sextiles make us work a little, as we have to Consciously prime the pump to get them started.  But then they take off on their own.  The six Sextiles here require that we…

  • Open to our Held Emotions (South Node) and what we might be Denying (Eris), perhaps using Jewel’s trick of Examining what Offends us.
  • Surrender to the Fear that we might be Blameworthy (Chaos) as we Open to what we might be Denying, but as we do so without ever stepping outside of Self-Love (the Sappho Finger of God).
  • Follow that Fear by PIAVAing and Executing Fearless Action to Terminate any and all Self-Sabotaging Habits that we uncover (Mars-Atropos-North Node and the Lachesis Finger of God).  Ego can Plan/Execute to accomplish its own Goals, but it cannot impact the Unconscious without PIAVAing.
  • Accept that our Lives will be Turned Upside Down (Jupiter-Haumea) by these Actions, and Focus on the Bright Unknown beyond our Rebirth, rather than on what we’re leaving behind.  Imagine that someone picks you up by your Ankles, naked, and slaps your Behind.  You are Infant, you Know Nothing about this New World.  Let Go of all pre-conceptions.
  • Imagine what Life would be like if we could do anything we Want (Lilith), with Unlimited Resources (Ixion) and Perfect Control (Saturn) – and then Do It, having Faith that the Resources will appear at the right time.
  • As Jewel says, replace thoughts of “I don’t Know what I’m Doing!” with “I can Figure it Out” (South Node; when we Embrace our Held Emotions, it Releases exactly the Hidden Skills that we need to accomplish our Lifetime Mission).

A Grand Sextile always includes two Grand Trines (three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac).  A Grand Trine implies Grace so Bold that we can take it for Granted, which Arrogance is dangerous, as it short-circuits the Grace.  Be Mindful to find your Gratitude for every Blessing here. 

In this case, the Great Grace is about Mind (Air; Jupiter-Haumea in Libra, Chaos in Gemini, and South Node in Aquarius) and Spirit (Fire; Eris in Aries, Mars-Atropos-North Node in Leo, and Ixion-Lilith-Saturn in Sagittarius).  Our Thoughts and our Guidance will be very Constructive, and very Supportive of each other. 

If you look closely you can see a third Grand Trine (in lighter blue lines), this one about Emotion (Water; Venus in Cancer, Sappho in Scorpio, Lachesis in Pisces).  Does this mean that the Eclipse will be leaving us Ungrounded, without Grace in the Earth Signs?  No.  As we’ll see later, the Eclipse also has an Earth Grand Trine, but in the 9-14-Degree Zone.  A Grand Slam of Grand Trines is pretty remarkable.  Anyone who sees this Eclipse as an Omen of Doom will be sorely disappointed.

One Response to “Big Eclipse III”

  1. desmene Says:

    Just re-read this, prior to the 1-31-18 Lunar Eclipse… remarkable! And here we are looking at powerful influences on the Leo/Aquarius axis again. Any thoughts on connections between now and last August? <3

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