Cause an Defect Full Moon V

Here’s the portion of the Full Moon chart that we talked about in Cause an Defect Full Moon III.  Since the Full Moon chart will pretty much “rule” till the Big Eclipse, it wouldn’t hurt to review.  This part of the chart gives us a huge Opportunity to Let Go of Ancient Karmic Anger, either by Extinguishing (Astropos) Habits of Giving Away our Power (Mars), or by Starting a new Timeline (Klotho) – consider it an in-Lifetime Rebirth – based on Self-Love (Sappho).  The Transformative Power (Pluto) of Truth (Aletheia) will be an immense (Jupiter) aid (the Trine Bridge) in the process.

The more we Realize that our Emotions are triggered by events in the Current Lifetime, not Caused by them, the more Powerfully we’ll Change our Current and Future Lifetimes.  Causation requires Linear Time, which we all know is an Illusion of the 3D World.  The Perps who’ve earned our Anger are but Symbols for all of the Oppression and Abuse that the Patriarchy has burdened us with for the last couple of thousand years  (and are probably Reincarnations of Souls we’ve Danced with before).  We Want to Extinguish the Karma, which means being Loving with everything we’re Feeling, so we can Respond rather than Reacting, which create Effective Action (Mars) to set solid Boundaries with the Bullies.

We can see the Anger playing out on the World Stage.  The US government is Responding to the Anger by oh so Lovingly advising the people of Guam to Look the Other Way when the nuclear fireballs arrive, though I haven’t heard them mention the Other Cheek.  Like the Eclipsing Sun and “the Light of God and Truth and Right,” we don’t want it to Blind us.  Thank Goodness the government is looking after us.  Have we mentioned that taking supplemental Iodine before the Radiation arrives will help prevent the radioactive Iodine from lodging in our Thyroid?  The Thyroid’s Iodine slots will then already be full!  So helpful!  So much better than Famine or Pestilence, with the added bonus that we can Enjoy exulting in Nationalism.

But let me get serious again.  There is a great deal of Grace embedded in this Full Moon chart as well, so who knows, maybe ‘Rump and Un-Jong will just meet in person and be satisfied with poking each other’s eyes out rather than taking us all with them to the next level of Hell. 

The Grace has a number of Foci, but the strongest are Transformation (Pluto) and Extinguishing our Anger (Atropos-Mars-Sun).

These are the foci of the two Kites.  A Kite is a Grand Trine (three planets spaced evenly about the Loop) with a fourth planet at the Midpoint of one of the Trines.  The fourth planet Channels and Focuses the Energy of the Grand Trine.

Pluto’s Configuration is in Water (Emotion), with Neptune (Spirit, Material Confusion), Aletheia (Truth), and Klotho-Sappho (Rebirth in Self-Love) making the Grand Trine.

Atropos-Mars-Sun’s Grand Trine is in Air Signs (Intellect), with its Grand Trine composed of Jupiter (Amplification), Asbolus (Intuition), and the Moon (Instincts).

So the Emotional and Intellectual arenas will be Graced, while we’re left to our own devices on Spiritual affairs.  Well, that’s true in the 12-19 Degree Zone.

The 20-27 Degree Zone is quite another story…

A second Grand Trine in the Intellect (Air), and one in Spirit (Fire), hooked together in a Grand Sextile (Great Grace, but we need to Act to complement it) in the Dynamic Signs!  Plus three more planets in the Magnetic Signs in the same Zone, which create four Fingers of God (Pay Attention to This!) Lighting Up the our Lifetime Mission (North Node), our Rebirth (Haumea), Ego Death (Nemesis), and Issues and Choices around Duration (Lachesis).

So there looks like a good chance all the sabre-rattling will devolve into finger-poking, we won’t need our black glasses till the Eclipse, and we can save the Iodine for the next Crisis.  Meanwhile, we seem to have a good deal of Choice about how we Accept this Grace, as we may be able to Choose  (Lachesis) to Let Go of a lot more than our Anger, especially if we’re willing to Endure Ego Death (Nemesis).  By now we should be used to that, eh?

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