Life Force New Moon

The 23 July New Moon (3am PDT) at 1 Leo is all about welcoming the Life Force into our Lives.  Whatever Self-Judgments and Bummers and Ego Deaths are arising for you, Trust that they’re arising so you can Let Them Go For All Time.  Dan Scranton’s Arcturian buddies agree that from here on in we can choose Yintegrity

You have arrived at a very important point in your evolutionary history.  You have arrived at a point where you no longer need to think about contracts and blueprints and agreements.  If you are living something that is as a result of one of those pre-incarnational choices, the truth is that you no longer need to live it.

“If you are living something out of a sense of obligation or guilt because you believe that you made a pre-incarnational choice about it, then we hereby release you from that contract.  We want you to understand how free you really are.  Freedom really is a choice and a state of being.  It is one that presents itself to you every day, but you sometimes choose to ignore it and instead get sucked into habitual thoughts, words, and actions.”

Even Dane Rudhyar agrees…

“An irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness.  —An Astrological Mandala, p.131 (1 Leo)

The New Moon at 1 Leo is Conjoined by Mars (Energy), Varuna (the Life Force), and asteroid Veritas (Truth).  It Opposes Nemesis (Ego Death) in the base of a Uranus (the Soul Self, or Yintegrity) T-Square (Challenge to Mastery).

A second T-Square focuses on Quaoar (our Survival Instincts) on a base of the Opposition between Chiron (Embracing Despair) and Hopi-Makemake (Manifestating Respect for All Things).

The foci of the two T-Squares are two corners of a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace), the third corner of which is Vesta-Eurydike (Trusting that our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, while having served to keep us Safe, are no longer necessary or useful).  In other words, the two Challenges resolve one another.

You’ve probably already noticed that you’re beginning to see how you can make Lemonade from your Biggest Hassles, and that your grip on your Limits is loosening as we speak.

Vesta-Eurydike is the focus of a Finger of God from the Nemesis-Chiron Sextile.

There are two Wonderings (or other PIAVAs) that can be very useful to us here.  Remember that these are not Problems to be Solved, they’re Riddles to Present to the Unconscious, to be followed by Changing the Subject and, later, Paying Attention.  Suggested forms…

  • “I Wonder where my personal Fountain of Youth is.”
  • “Ganeshi My Love, please Remove All Obstacles to my Discovery of the Judgments that Block my Excitement and Joy.”

That is, the two diagonal Quincunxes in the Square Fez (two Squares separated by a Trine and a Sextile) are, respectively, Quaoar to New Moon-Mars-Varuna-Veritas and Uranus to Hopi-Makemake.

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