Raising Our Vibration

Consider this…


Which I’m sure is essentially true, though of course it’s only one Viewpoint.  Reality is like a Valley, that looks quite different when you’re looking down from a different one of the surrounding Hills. 

Or like the Flower-covered Tehachapi Mountains between Bakersfield and Barstow in California.  From the Valley they look like Mountains, but once you get to the “top” you realize you’ve just landed on a higher plateau – not what I usually think of as a “Mountain,” as there is no “Other Side” for the Bear to see.

But Rappaport’s blog post is a condensed version of Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, and as John Perkins’s Confessions of an Economic Hit Man points out, it’s a Dance that’s repeated constantly all over the World. When viewed from that Hilltop.  It’s an important Perspective, worth remembering.  But it’s not the only one. 

In the US, a student of Goebbels’s is running the same agenda more insidiously, repeatedly and often successfully sold as exactly the opposite of what it is.  As Individuals seeking Liberation in this environment, quite simply, we’re screwed.

Until we Raise our Vibration.  Easier said than done?  Conjure up a Hot-Air Balloon, and let it rise over the middle of the Valley, higher than the surrounding Hills.  Now you can see the Other Side of the Mountain, even beyond.  E for Expanding is one of the silent letters in PIAVA.  If we’re waiting around before we Ascend, until everyone else is ready to go with us, we’re never going to have a big enough Balloon.

Better to sell kits so everyone can make their own Balloons.  You can franchise the business to the other Valleys.  You’ll need it after your brown-shirt business fails because everyone already has theirs.

That’s really just about all there is to Raising Your Vibration.  Of course we need to Differentiate it from Denial, but Eris – Revelation of What’s Been Denied – is Strong as we speak, and Lachesis – which Grants us the Power to Begin and End Patterns as we Choose – is as well.  So it’s easy to add the term to our PIAVA

“I Wonder how it will Feel when I Raise My Vibration without indulging Denial.”

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