Now Till The End

While unexpected events have a way of popping up, we should get this next week “off” from Heavy astrogigs. 

The week after that we’re back to Challenges to our Yintegrity, as Lachesis (Duration) and Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) are both Stationary, on the 18th and 20th respectively.  We’ll be carefully weighing everything in our Lives that doesn’t work (ie, that’s still Unconscious) and everything in our Lives that needs to be Accepted or Spoken (Conscious but still Unresolved), to see if their Time has run out.  Both Stations Reignite the 24-25-Degree zone that the Haumea Station Lit Up, which we wrote up in 4 July XI – Final Rebirth (  The Stations are separated by one Sign, which forms a Twelfth-Harmonic Angle – more Pattern-Breaking.

The New Moon on the 23rd is very busy, Challenging us to Accept whatever Ego Deaths are necessary for us to Fully Open to the Life Force and allow our True Self to be Free to Express itself Confidently, moment to moment.  The New Moon is Merged with (Conjoining) Truth (Veritas), the Life Force (Varuna), and Action (Mars) in the first Degree of Leo, Inviting (Opposing) Ego Death (Nemesis), all Challenged (T-Squared) by our Soul Self (Uranus).  There are Blessings as well (Trine Bridges to Chiron and Hopi-Makemake, and Varuna enters Leo on the 24th).

Then for the rest of July our Urge to Yintegrity is Strong, as Uranus is Stationary on 2 August in 29 Aries, the same Degree Zone as the previous New Moon.  We speak of “Degrees Zones” because the Energies trigger one another – the previous New Moon at 1 Leo is Square to the Uranus Station within two Degrees, and the following New Moon Eclipse is Trine to the Uranus Station within half a Degree.  We wrote about this Cuspal Degree Zone in 4 July X – Victimhood (  Mercury is Retrograde from 12 August through 4 September.

Then comes the Total Solar Eclipse on 21 August, in 29 Leo, the same Degree Zone as the preceding New Moon and Uranus Station.  That Degree is the Culmination of the Ego.  Celebrate it well, as a Descent of Inanna follows (that is, Virgo; see Starhawk’s Truth or Dare for the HerStory of Inanna).  During the Eclipse The Most Important Thing (Saturn), the Edges of Consciousness (Juno), and Fear (Sedna) are all Strongly Lit Up (Stationary: Saturn 24 August at 22 Sagittarius, Juno 26 August at 3 Capricorn, and Sedna 27 August at 27 Taurus).

Some folks seem to be making hay with dire predictions, and this Eclipse is likely to herald more Big Transitions.  As with any Big Change, there could well be temporary Pain, but the astrology signals overwhelmingly Positive Outcomes.  We’ll take advantage of the “Time off” to write about the Eclipse over the next several days.

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