Pluto Full Moon

Jealous for Attention, Pluto inches its way toward the 20-30-Degree zone that’s been so Prominent for the last while.  As the designated illuminator, the Full Moon obliges, crossing Pluto two hours after it Opposes the Sun.  The Full Moon occurs at 9pm PDT on 8 July.  A Pluto Full Moon is likely to be Intense.  Whatever we’ve been trying to suppress itches to come forth, and we’re out of Calamine.  Actually, Seaberry Oil works better than Calamine, but it’s still not as strong as Pluto.

This itch is Bigger than it otherwise would be, because Jupiter (Bloating) makes a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) across the Full Moon…

Of course we’re likely to Experience the Challenge before (if ever) we Realize the Mastery, and the Challenge will be Overwhelm.  We are, after all, Newborns, so hitting us with a Big Challenge to suddenly Channel tons of Energy may not feel fair.  But it’s what we’re Here for, and there are plenty of Blessings to go with it, so Bring It On.

Look at all those blue lines (Blessings)!  Someone took the “Bowl of Grace” under those recent Diamond Stars, and turned it over, dumping the Blessings all over the place.  The blue Truss Bridge across the top of the Full Moon Opposition is built from Self-Love (Sappho) and Inertia (asteroid Karma), suggesting that Pluto will be torpedoing our Self-Sabotaging Habits, which is Great, though it’s likely to be Disorienting – another Challenge.  Being forewarned, we can look forward to the Liberation.

There’s also a Neptune Trine Bridge across the bottom of the Full Moon Opposition.  Neptune represents anything and everything that’s larger than our Self-Concept, including Culture, Godhead, and Goddessheart.  The useful characteristic of Neptune is that it represents Confusion when seeing the World through Material eyes, but Clarity when we use Spiritual eyes.  The impact here is that when we’re threatened with Jovian Overwhelm, switching to the Spiritual Viewpoint will provide us the Perspective we need to remain Grounded.  That is, not “What’s Happening,” but “Where am I Going, and how does being Here help me get there?”

And Self-Love (Sappho) Connects to both Life Energy (the Sun) and the Universe (Neptune) in the Big Blue Triangle (Grand Trine or three planets equally spaced), which symbolizes Dumb-Luck Grace – the Universe will Cooperate Fully as long as we stay in Self-Love.  When it doesn’t, check to see where the Balance point is between your Ego and your Self-Love; Narcissism ain’t Self-Love.  We don’t even need to Ask for the Grace, though we may Want to use Asking or other PIAVAs to direct the Grace into the places we want it most.  That should work as long as Self-Love predominates.

And Lo, the Truss Bridge, the Neptune Bridge, and the Grand Trine combine to make five sixths of a Grand Sextile!  We’ve just been studying those, haven’t we.  When we have a Vacancy in what would otherwise be a Major Configuration, the Vacancy Rules the show, and We have to provide the Vacant Energy Consciously in order for the Wheel to turn and Release its Fortune.  What Energy Here?  The Vacancy is Taurus 17, “A battle between Swords and Torches.”  Sword symbolizes Mind, while Torch – Fire – symbolizes Spirit.  Eschewing battle (ie, Given a Dimension, Choosing a Direction), what do we Aspire to instead? 


So here’s a third Challenge – to Balance Mind and Spirit.  Or, we could say, Mind and Heart.

Notice too that there’s also a network of lighter lines in the chart, Connecting planets in the Full-Moon Degree that are in independent Configurations.  The most Powerful of these is the red box with inscribed red X, which we call a Grand Cross.  A Grand Cross means Work, but if there are blue lines to any of the corners, it means Easier Work – we could even Enjoy it.  And Yes, there are blue lines to all four of the corners!  The Work is about combining Old Habits (asteroid Karma), Intuition (Asbolus), Confusion (Neptune), and Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) into something desirable.  Those are the Dimensions; what about the Directions?

Well, we get to Choose those, so why not See Through Old Habits, Improve our Trust in our Intuition, Embrace our Confusion without Intellectualizing it – Balancing Mind and Spirit, eh? – and Support our Self-Sovereignty.  That would make an excellent PIAVA – maybe something like “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Learn to Lovingly and Gently Choose Alternatives to Old Habits that don’t Serve me or my Planet, Trust my Intuition more, Enjoy the state of Confusion, and Trust mySelf Fully.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done!  Thank you God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is!  Show me!”  That’s pretty Blissful.

And the blue Blessings?  The biggest one is the big blue Golden Rectangle (Golden because the ratio of the long sides to the short sides is the Golden Angle Φ – which symbolizes Cooperation with Nature).  That would be about Resolving the Dualities between Old Habits (Karma) and Confusion (Neptune), and between Free Choice (the Sun) and Pressure to Act a certain way (Moon-Pluto).  Anybody here still have Difficulty Resolving Dualities?  I know we all get Stuck on specific heritage issues at times, till we Remember that we’re in Either/Or and just step out of it into Both/And.

Then there’s the Major Tricolor (three planets three, four, and five Signs apart) between Asbolus, Neptune, and Jupiter.  We read this as The way to settle Ambiguity about an Intuition is to Wonder how we might Expand our Perspective – and then of course, as with any PIAVA, Change the Subject and Pay Attention.  This is an important part of Learning to Trust our Intuition.  Finally, there’s one Finger of God (a third planet at the Far Midpoint of two planets in Sextile, or, the green wedge), pointing at Asbolus from Sappho and Moon-Pluto.  Which says that Pluto isn’t going to let us Forget to Embrace the Truth of our Intuition.

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