4 July XI – Final Rebirth

The final Act in the 4 July play is the Station of Haumea (Rebirth) at 9:30 pm PDT 6 July, and it’s a Boon.  Its chart features a glorious Grand Sextile (Great Grace; the blue hexagram of six evenly spaced planets, containing within it two Grand Trines and three Golden Rectangles) and two Diamond Stars (Challenge made Easier; a T-Square [red triangles], and a Finger of God [green wedges], focusing on the same planet)…

The Diamond Stars are a little hard to distinguish, so I’ve drawn them separately, the Mars-Veritas Diamond Star in heavy lines and the Lachesis Diamond Star in lighter lines…

So what does it all mean?  That our Rebirth is awash in Blessings.  Let’s look at the pieces…

The Mars-Veritas Diamond Star means basically that the Truth will Out

  • A Mars-Veritas Cardinal T-Square says you can’t hide who you Really Are any more; what you Create will Out you.  The base of the T-Square consists of the Rebirth itself (the Haumea Station) and the Revelation of what’s been Denied (Eris).  Here’s a Scary example, but a good example of how the disguises are finished…


  • The Grace: All-Healing (Panacea), and Reparenting of our Forbidden Genius (Mother Moon and Father Saturn Conjoining Badboy Ixion).
  • The PIAVAs in the Mars-Veritas Finger of God are on the order of “Great Spirit, please show me how I can Best Support Reparenting my Genius” (Mars-Veritas Quincunx Moon-Saturn-Ixion) and “Ganeshi, please Heal All Hesitation to Speak and Act my Truth while keeping me Safe” (Panacea Quincunx Mars-Veritas).

The Lachesis Diamond Star says that Time Has Run Out for many things… 

  • The base of the Mutable T-Square (context of the Challenge) is about that Change involving Reparenting of our Forbidden Genius, and Limits (Chaos).  That is, we’re done with Limitations, including Limits – Self-Imposed or Otherwise – on our Unique Personal Genius.  No more Holding Back. 
  • The Grace is our Rebirth and our Trust that our Unconscious Beliefs are being reprogrammed to Support our Raison d’Être (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node).
  • The PIAVAs in the Lachesis Finger of God are something like “I Wonder how I can help make this Rebirth as Comprehensive as Possible” (Lachesis Quincunx Haumea) and “God/Goddess, I Trust that your Reorganization of my Unconscious Beliefs will Serve Me and You and the Planet Fabulously” ().

The Grand Sextile means that its six elements collaborate very efficiently.  We may have to take some Action to Initiate things, but once we do, Grace flows.  In many cases – the Grand Trines – Initiatory Action isn’t even necessary…

  • The Air (Mentality) Grand Trine consists of Effortless Collaboration between our Rebirth (the Haumea Station), Healing (asteroid Panacea), and Limitlessness (dwarf planet Chaos)
  • The Fire (Spirit) Grand Trine involves Easy Grace between Naming Truth (Eris), Reparenting the Soul of our Genius (Moon-Saturn-Ixion), and Honoring the Trustworthiness of our Path (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node)

The places where we can lend our Ego Strength to the Effort are the six Sextiles…

  • Abolishing Self-Criticsm (Rebirthing Trust in our Path; Haumea Sextile Eurydike-Vesta-North Node)
  • Dealing Constructively with Fear (eg Tapping, Theta) when we are called to Stretch beyond our Comfort Zone (Eurydike-Vesta-North Node Sextile Chaos)
  • Letting the Consequences of Truth Stand without soft-pedaling them or Protecting anyone (Chaos Sextile Eris)
  • Intending that our Habits that Lack Candor be Healed (Eris Sextile Panacea)
  • Praying that the historical Wounds Suffered upon our Genius be Miraculously and Instantaneously Healed (Panacea Sextile Moon-Saturn-Ixion)
  • Celebrating the Rebirth of our Hidden Genius (Moon-Saturn-Ixion Sextile Haumea)

Have a Care not to cut anyone with that jagged broken Champagne bottle, and Enjoy the Journey!

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