4 July III

We introduced the Sedna-Square-Nodes 4 July chart in the “Solstice New Moon I” post (https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2017/06/22/solstice-new-moon-i/).  We have ten days to get ready for this event.  It occurs only every nine years, which means our last episode was in the middle of the Derivatives Crash (you might think of it as “the Housing Crisis,” as that’s how the banksters propagandized it). 

Goldman Sachs, to pick a major Derivatives player at random, had dropped by 25% in the six months prior to the 2008 event; it dropped an aditional 67% in the six months following it.  The most salient part of the Derivatives Crash was Treasury Secretary (and former Goldman Sachs CEO) Hank Paulson’s giveaway to the banksters of almost three quarters of a Trillion dollars of your children’s future taxes.  If you’ve done your homework with Naomi’s No Is Not Enough, you know why this is relevant to 2017.

Here’s one way of looking at the 4 July chart…

As you can see, it’s very busy.  And contains a lot of Positive Energy.  The Challenge/Motivation (red), Grace (blue), and Curiosity (green) are well balanced.  There is one important Vacancy, at the bottom of the chart.  If we could fill that, we’d have a big-time Pattern-Buster (a Grand Unx or twelve evenly-spaced planets, connected by the short green lines) in front of us. 

One way to fill the Vacancy is to supply the Energy Consciously; 27 Capricorn is “Pilgrims climbing the steep steps leading to mountain shrine.”  We can handle that, assuming our leg muscles are up to the task.  Dust off the Stairmaster – we have ten days.  Or, just raise your eyeballs in their sockets with your eyes closed (not while driving), and Project your Identity out several feet above your physical head.

Another way to fill the Vacancy is to look for an asteroid or Fixed Star in that location.  Turns out there is a Star there, Deneb el Okra, in the Constellation Aquila, the Eagle.  While Eagle is an excellent hunter, he prefers Carrion because it saves Energy, and in Mythological Times, his favorite Carrion was what was left over from the Sacrifice.  Empires which used the spread-winged Eagle in their Shield – Rome, Nazi Germany, the US – were announcing that they planned to feed themselves on your Rituals, the Mythological version of Predatory Capitalism. 

Fortunately, there’s another way to view it.  At the turn of the current Century, Pluto Initiated Chiron.  This is an important Cycle, as it symbolizes the Pain (Chiron) that we can’t Avoid, the Pain that we must Transform instead (Pluto).  The 12-Sagittarius symbol for the Initiation was “A flag turning into an Eagle, the Eagle turning into a Rooster saluting the Dawn.”  So yes, Nationalism (the flag) turns Predatory, as it has.  But Eagle is also known for his broad Perspective and “Eagle-eyed” Vision.  The saluting Rooster symbolizes Enlightenment.  So we see Perspective, Vision and Light eventually eclipsing Predation. 

It would be great if we could make this Transition without a “Kent State Moment,” though it may not be possible.  There may be a phase where the Predators, seeing fresh blood draining from one another’s mouths, get a sudden Epiphany and finally realize that “Hate is not a Christian (or Muslim or …) Value.”  At any rate, 4 July is a ripe candidate for any of these kinds of Changes.  Join me in finishing Naomi’s book, working those uphill muscles into shape, and Manifesting the sort of Planet we’d Enjoy Living on.

The best way to do that is to Spend a lot of time in the next ten days (when you aren’t reading or stairclimbing – don’t do both at once, it’s dangerous) Feeling exactly the way you Expect to Feel when the Transformation is complete.

Suzanne Lie offers us some Arcturian Wisdom…


“Collective fear and anxiety is much like having the anchor down when you are trying to drive your boat.  The boat may be able to slowly move along, but eventually the ‘anchor’ will collect so much ‘trash and rubble’ from the water that the boat will no longer be able to move forward.

“What form of ‘anchor’ are you allowing to slow your forward process?  Please remember that your life is YOUR boat, and this anchor is down because you have not ‘remembered’ to pull the anchor up.

“Of course, it is quite easy to forget your own ‘inner anchor’ because it is invisible to your third dimensional perceptions.  However, your third dimensional body will likely feel very fatigued because life is feeling like you are taking ‘two steps forward and one step back.’

“To pull up your anchor, you must first realize that this is YOUR anchor and NO ONE ELSE has created this anchor, or lowered it into the deep waters to ‘hold you back.’  Yes, it may appear that a boss, a parent, or even a friend has ‘held you back.’

“However, they all have their own boat and their own anchor that they are dealing with.  If they are dealing with their own anchor successfully—meaning that they do NOT let it hold them back from their own inner guidance—then they are able to assist others.”

When one spends their time focusing on the ‘problem,’ they will feel more and more victimized by life.  Then, they forget that this is THEIR boat and THEIR anchor.  They also forget that all they need do is ‘pull up the anchor’ into their mind so that they can Blaze it with the Violet Fire to transmute it into ‘an anchor of Light.’ ”

In the fourth dimension, and even more so in the fifth dimension, humans are able to create anything they need with their own thoughts and emotions.  You do notice that the above information is not visible in your newspapers or easily found on the Internet.

“The reason for this is that the ‘power over others’ groups are very frightened that their reign of ‘power over’ is coming to a conclusion.  They are seeing that more and more of humanity is raising their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies of reality.”

The rest of Suzanne’s Channeling, which I recommend, talks about the kind of Fear Campaigns that have been used in the past to Frighten us back to our 3D anchors, just as Naomi describes.

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