Full Moon Jupiter 2

Jupiter’s almost-simultaneous-to-the-Full-Moon Station, meanwhile, will Trigger 11-17 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs.  Those Degrees are all about Perfecting a Project, then Taking it All Apart, and then Laying a Foundation for Something Entirely New from the Pieces.  Since Jupiter’s in Libra, we’re likely to be Perfecting some Social Project, disassembling the Emotions involved, and Opening the Door to a Whole New Spiritual Endeavor.

The Jupiter-Station chart is complex…

So let’s take it apart.  Probably most primary is the Jupiter-Station T-Square across the Opposition from Veritas (Truth) to Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and Chariklo (Self-Confidence), shown below in the heavy lines (the T-Square is the red triangle)… 

In other words, the whole week was a Test of our Self-Confidence and a Revelation of all of the Unconscious Energies that Inhibit our ConfidenceIf I’d have noticed this last week, I would have been a lot more proactive about reinterpreting my Ego-meltdown of the previous weekend. 

The T-Square is Trine-Bridged (Graced or made easier – blue lines) by Klotho (Rebirth).  However, Klotho is in Scorpio, so it’s not as easy as just Lettng Go and Letting Goddess; we need to be Deeply Present with our Stress, then Let Go and see what happens next.

It’s also Quincunx-Bridged (Curiosity will be an required – green lines) by Vesta (Limiting Unconscious Beliefs), implying that in between Going Inside and Letting Go, it would behoove to PIAVA “I Wonder how I can become Aware of and Change whatever Unconscious Beliefs Limit my Self-Confidence.”

Jupiter is also one corner of a Major Tricolor, Asbolus (Intuition)-Square-Neptune (Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity)-Quincunx-Jupiter-Trine-Asbolus.  This suggests that our Intuition is likely to be Confusing – as it has been for me.  To ferret out what we need to know from the Unconscious we have to PIAVA, Change the Subject, and Pay Attention (see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/piava-review/).

There is a second T-Square in the Jupiter-Station chart, and this one is a Diamond Star (T-Square [red triangle] and Finger of God [green wedge] pointing at the same planet), with Jupiter itself on one foot

A Diamond Star puts a “Bowl of Grace” (the blue lines) under the T-Square, making it less of a Challenge.  A Diamond Star is sort of a “Problem Solved.”  This one is much enhanced by a Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace; big blue triangle).  So even if we have no idea what sort of Limitations we may be Struggling with around our Self-Confidence, there should be enormous Grace Available to us.  This chart tells me that we need to Let Ourself Sit In Confusion, without trying to Change It or Figure It Out.  Maybe a “You poor Sweetheart, this is Confusing, isn’t it” to ameliorate any Discomfort we have with Confusion.  

With Veritas (Truth) and Klotho (Starting a New Timeline) joining Neptune in the Grand Trine, maybe a PIAVA something like

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Have the Courage to Change What I Can to Minimize  Self-Sabotage, the Serenity to Accept what I cannot Change, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference.  It is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.  …  Show Me.”

would behoove.  Then we would have to Trust that the Changes will get made, with our Conscious Ego as an Observer rather than a Decider.

There are four Fingers of God (Pay Attention to This!) in this chart…

They can be hard to pick out, but if you focus on the four blue lines, the green wedges will pop out at you.  The four are…

  • Neptune – Pay Attention! to NOT trying to Figure Out what’s going on, but instead Locate any Discomfort in your Body and Lovingly Embrace it
  • Asbolus – The Answers we seek will arrive through Intuition (NOT Analysis), so we need to Clear our mind of Expectation and Striving, in order to have Open Space for the Changes
  • Vesta – We are Observers here, not Actors.  We’re Learning about our Held Emotions and Limiting Beliefs, and Preconceptions will Inhibit our Progress
  • Juno-Chariklo – The Bottom Line is Confidence, not because we Know we’re up to the task, but because we Trust that whatever resources we lack, we can Manifest

Finally, we have another Square Fez with Chinstrap, like we described recently…

It’s intriguing that both the Full Moon and the Jupiter Station would share the same fairly-rare Configurations, in different Degrees (the Chinstrap is the blue triangle focused on Vesta).  As before, we want to focus on the diagonal Quincunxes in the Fez itself…

  • Jupiter to Neptune – Understanding, or Trying To Understand, will get in the way, and quite possibly prevent Growth entirely; don’t try
  • Veritas to Juno-Chariklo – Stay in your Truth moment-to-moment.  If you catch yourself trying to Figure It Out, Focus on your Motive for trying; are you Scared?  Distressed?  Anxious?  Be Present with these underlying Feelings instead of trying to circumvent your Goddess-Given Confusion.  Confusion has a high Spiritual Purpose as the first stage of Growth, but if we Receive it as a Problem that needs to be Solved rather than a Blessing, we kill the Process.

What have we been PIAVAing?  Better Health?  More Abundance?  Greater Joy?  Ascension to the Fifth Dimension?  Yintegrity?  Vulnerability and Safety?  Partnership?  Community?  Right Livelihood?  Whatever you’ve been Asking for, that’s what this is about.  Rather than trying to Understand or even Intuit more about your Limitations, Focus on your Destination.  How will you Feel when you obtain the Treasure you Seek?  Feel that, Often.

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