Nemesis Now

She’s one mean Lady in this neighborhood, though others don’t seem to be bothered.  The good news though, is that Nemesis was actually exact in her Station at 10pm PDT 2 June, rather than 3 June.  I for one am very glad it’s past.  Didn’t help me any that the Station Danced cheek to cheek with my natal OR10, Nessus, South Node, and Mnemosyne.  As Bruce Coburn would say, “All you can do is thank the razor for the fineness of the slash.”  So, the worse the Ego Death, the greater the Liberation, right?  I’ll spare you the Jimmy Morrison video.

“I walked through the door into the night air.  My head was clear.  I could see as though the sun was shining.  Someone was sitting on a rock off to the side.  I could not believe my eyes.  ‘Alice?’

 “She turned to me.  Her hand reached out.
” ‘You’re alive!’  Our hands connected.  Hers was warm.
” ‘Of course,’ she said.  ‘But I still haven’t vomited.’
“I threw my arms around her.  I felt ecstatic.
” ‘I thought you were dead.’

‘I’m very much alive.  I’ve been flying.’

” ‘I love you,’ I said.  I thought about the word, flying; it suddenly took on new meanings.  Then, feeling that she needed to be alone, I wandered away.  I felt so relieved, so grateful, so euphoric, that I kneeled in the mud and silently shouted my thanks to God, Jesus Christ, and the jungle.

“A leafy branch reached out to me.  It was phosphorescent.  I touched it and as I did so heard it speak.
” ‘Silly – you thought flying meant death.  You let the negative rule you.  It is a pattern in your life.  Let this experience with Alice teach you a lesson.  Purge the negatives.’ “

—John Perkins, The World Is as You Dream It, p.72.

Fortunately, the Coin has two sides…

“We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We have listened to the prayers that humanity has been offering for quite some time.  We are familiar with your desires.  You have allowed yourselves to experience a myriad of changes while you are awaiting this new Earth that you want to create and experience, and there is a great deal of effort on your part to bring about the changes to let in all that you’ve been asking for.

“What is most important at this time, however, is that you look to help each other.  When you give and receive help to and from other humans, you create a deepening of the unity that is so natural to the human race.  And that is how you are going to assist one another in the bringing about of the new Earth that you want to inhabit.  It is going to be an Earth of cooperation.  It is going to be an Earth of collaboration, and it is going to be an Earth of sharing.

“You all chose different skill sets so that you would need each other, so that you would each complete a piece of the puzzle, and so that you would connect with one another.”

Jupiter’s Station comes next, 7am PDT 9 June, just an hour after the Full Moon.

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