Those Vignettes Again

Yes, all those Vignettes that keep popping up unbidden, those are exactly what we need to lean into, in order to Allow the Karmic Archetypes embedded in them to slide off into the Compost bin.  All those moments of Shame or Guilt, or Regret over Lost Opportunities, those are all big compass needles that point to True North, to our True Self.  Shame and Guilt are what we Feel when we Let Ourself Be Our True Self, but we’re under Threat of Punishment if we Let Those Parts of Ourself Out to Play with Others.  We Regret because our True Self Wanted Something, but Our Programming Wouldn’t Let Us Take It.

Anarchy, you say?  No, just Honesty.  Cultures are defined by what parts of Honesty aren’t Allowed.  It’s not as Easy as just switching Cultures (though it’s certainly worth a try) because we came into the Lifetime with the Mission of Letting Go of those Limitations Once And For All.  That’s why we keep encountering them, because we want a lot of Practice with them.  How can we develop New Habits without many Opportunities to Practice.  Of course at some point we have to start Practicing the New Habit, rather than just Living our Inhibitions, but that’s what these Vignettes are all about.

So on 30 May (3:10 am PDT), dwarf planet “2007 OR10,” which we usually just call OR10, Stands Still, meaning it’s at its Strongest.  And that means its influence is Strong now, and will continue to get Stronger till 30 May.  And what is OR10 about?  Unbidden Memories, chips of Detritus floating out of the Unconscious and into our Awareness.  The other Players in this dance…

  • Dwarf planet Orcus (Making and Breaking Oaths) and asteroid Karma (Habituation and Inertia) Oppose the OR10 Station, defining the Dualities confronting us as our Attachment to Vows we made in Past or Parallel Lives
  • Dwarf planet Hylonome (Letting Go of Karmic Archetypes) Trine-Bridges that Opposition, indicating the “Easy Way Out” of the Dualistic issues – the Judgments that part of our Self is Good and part of our Self is Otherwise
  • Asteroid Nemesis (Ego Death), Quincunx-Bridging the Opposition, informing us that if we start to get hooked on the Shame or Guilt or Regret or any other Negativity, we need to remember that Egos are easily replaced, we do it all the time, and Wonder how this next Ego Death will improve our Future, instead of Losing our Bearings in the Illusion of Death-Fear

What a “Coincidence” that this is coming up when all those Yin Gates are pointing us in the same direction.

There is a fly in the ointment.  What if the Behavior that you’re Ashamed of or Guilty about or that you Regret, is really an Archetype?  Not your True Self at all, but an Ancient Karmic Habit.  Well, you don’t Clear Archetypes by Repressing them; that just gives them more Power Over you.  It’s ABC – Awareness, Breathe, Choose  (Dr. Kim) – that Changes Patterns, or, as we would say, NPSCS – Notice, Poor-Sweetheart, Change the Subject (just kidding about the acronym; at least PIAVA has vowels in it). 

After all, how do we know that Enlightenment/Ascension isn’t an Archetype?  We’re all just Nested Russian Dolls; where does it end, if it does?  Well, Less Self-Sabotage is probably a good roadsign, if we’re moving in the direction of What We Want – and What We Want Changes as we move toward it.  If What We Want is forever out of reach, it’s probably a good idea to Ask ourself if we’re under the spell of an Archetype that causes us to Believe That We Can’t Have What We Want, maybe exploring Gratitude along the way.  The only Absolute is vodka; otherwise it’s all Both/And.  Duality, after all (along with Cause and Effect, Linear Time, and Separation), is a very deep-seated Archetype.

Have a peek at yesterday’s comments from Dan & the Arcturians…

“In the breaking free from societal norms, you put yourselves on a different frequency, a different wavelength, than the majority of the people on planet Earth.  This difference means that you all are creating a new standard, a new normal.  You’re not here to change the current systems or to change society.  You are here to create something new and in so doing you often feel like the weird ones, the outcasts.

“You feel that you do not fit in or that you cannot hold a typical conversation with a person who fits in nicely with the way society wants that person to be.  When you believe in extra-terrestrials, channeling, dimensions, parallel universes, angels, faeries, and all sorts of other things, you are creating the experience of not only being separate, but also not being included.

“This can be a lonely path that you have all chosen for yourselves, but it is the path that you are on now and you cannot help but to believe in what you believe.  You cannot make yourselves fit in to a society that does not acknowledge the things that you talk about as though they were commonplace.  Wanting to fit in is a normal and natural desire.  Wanting other people to get you, and to validate you, and to be able to relate to you is an innate tendency that you are born with.

“Staying on your path in spite of the fact that you don’t fit in and that other people don’t get you will have its rewards.  You, the weird ones and the outcasts, will be the leaders in the future.  You will be the ones who can explain what is happening to everyone else.  You will have an opportunity to provide guidance and support to those who are struggling with adjusting to the new normal, the normal that you accepted a long time ago.

“Bridging your reality to the reality of the majority of civilization is a task that you signed up for, but don’t expect them to come to you.  You will be the ones who extend out your hands to help, and to serve, and to bring everyone into the fold of the fifth dimension.”

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