Orcus and Hopi IV

A reader notes…

“It’s the Ixion-Chaos Axis that the Hopi Station T-Squares.  The first thing that tells us is that We Need to Immediately Forgive the Perps Who Suppressed our Genius.  We cannot maintain Respect for All Things if we harbor resentment toward our Programmers, and Respect for All Things is precisely the Challenge that here haunts the Recovery of our Genius.

“As we Strive to Immediately Forgive the Purps, we want to remember that Forgiving does not mean ‘making up.’  Forgiveness is about Letting Go of our Internal Stress, not about Loosening Boundaries.  As we’ve said many times, Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, it’s a Discovery – one day we wake up and Discover -“ Lo, We aren’t Angry about that any more!  Just because Forgiveness isn’t a Decision, though, doesn’t mean it can’t be an Intention.

“And Forgiveness doesn’t mean we discard the Lesson that we aren’t Safe being Vulnerable around those folks or in those circumstances; it just means that we don’t have to constantly remind ourselves how Angry we are in order to Keep ourself Safe.  We’ve Forgiven ourself for being so inappropriately Vulnerable.  It means we now have a new Habit of routinely Keeping ourself Safe in similar circumstances – we’ve Expanded our Consciousness and Let Go of an Archetype that compelled us to Abandon ourself and Give Away our Power.”

“I had a dream last night…

“Walking with a big but light suitcase.  A relative, who touched me inappropriately when I was 11, is leading the way, we go up some outdoor stairs that are covered.  The relative takes the suitcase from me.  We reach upstairs into a bright room, but the relative has lost their shoes.

“I woke up and realized although I had thought I had let it go, it was still something I did think about…  And realized my dream said I can let it go, the staircase although outside was enclosed like it had no light…  Walking up was like walking into the light, my relative taking the suitcase was letting go the baggage, and their losing their shoes was like something was taken from them in life that caused them pain and inconvenience. 

“Then I read your post and realized how relevant my dream was to this.”

The key here is “…I can Let It Go…”  Traumas never leave us completely, because “we” (on the Soul level) “signed up” (if “we” indeed Choose to Take Full Response-Ability) for them so we could Experience them, and the PTSD (in the beginning) and Trace (once we’ve Let Go of the Emotional Load around them) are the equivalent of our Degree, gathering dust up in a frame on the wall.

Even in the most Powerful of Gary Craig’s Letting-Go-of-PTSD videos, the process takes many Tapping iterations; the path from PTSD to Trace is gradual, each step Letting Go of another layer of Held Emotions.  Consider that we may well have repeated the Trauma in various forms thousands of times over various Lifetimes, as we Explored variations, Left Karmic Reminders for ourself, recruited several of our Twigmates to Act out the different roles in our Drama, and swapped roles and genders.  Archetypes are not simple or one-dimensional, or we would have penetrated their Mystery long ago.

Current-Life “Operational” Identities are very useful.  If you Identify yourself as an astrologer, it makes doing astrology easier, because you aren’t always struggling against “yourself” to do it.  If you Identify with “Science” (as it’s generally practiced, where you get nowhere without a pat on the head from your senior “peers”), you’ll have a hard time doing astrology, because you won’t have access to the Associative Skills that it requires. 

But there’s nothing wrong with Identifying yourself as an astrologer on Tuesday and as a peer-reviewed Scientist on Wednesday, just as you might Identify yourself as an employee at 11am and as a parent at 8pm.  You probably either practice multiple Identities, or struggle with them, frequently, as for instance when you get a call at work from your child’s school, or when your political party asks you to Deny Climate Change but you can see it all around you plain as day.

Well, it’s no harder to Identify with a Parallel Life – I’ll wager you actually do it every day.  I’ve a friend who just returned from Italy and sent pictures, and a couple of times I caught myself staring at a building or a village in one of the pictures and spontaneously Imagining I was Living there.  Every time you get Spaced Out for a few minutes you could well be Experiencing a Parallel.  Remember that Time is an Illusion; those few seconds could be a long time in that other place.  Then there are Dreams.

Okay, now that you realize that you know how to manage multiple Identities sequentially and simultaneously, why not check in with the MC of the whole show, your Soul Self.  Give it a PIAVA; I’ll wager you’ll be surprised at what happens.

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